Laser ruler, choose correctly

In the modern world, manufacturers tend to keep pace with the times and constantly develop new devices and technologies designed to improve and alleviate both our daily lives and working moments. Among the devices of the new generation, useful for those who are engaged in construction, a special place is a laser ruler. It was invented relatively recently, but surely increases the staff of its admirers.

What is a laser ruler? This is a special electronic device used to measure various distances. The principle of its operation is the reflection from a distant object of a laser beam. This reflection is generated, and the measurement result is displayed. The laser ruler is distinguished by its high measurement accuracy, as well as the ability to work both indoors and outdoors, at temperatures up to -50C! Many models not only measure distance, but also independently calculate the volume, area. The laser ruler can store up to 10 measurements in memory.

Sphere of application of laser rulers

These devices are used in construction, topographic surveys, including in military affairs, in navigation. Many people want to buy a laser line for home use, because special skills and knowledge for its use will not be needed.


  1. The laser ruler measures distances up to 70 m. Experts say that if necessary, this figure can be increased by 30-40%.
  2. The error of the device is up to 2 mm.
  3. The step (unit) of measurements is 1 mm.
  4. Easy to use - it is worthwhile to press two or three buttons and get an accurate measurement.
  5. Efficiency - the results are visible instantly.
  6. The ability to work with the device to one person, without helpers.
  7. It is possible not only to measure distances, but also to make instantaneous calculations.


  1. Errors in measuring small distances.
  2. At longer distances, it is advisable to use a tripod.
  3. The main disadvantage of the laser ruler is the price, which considerably exceeds the mechanical devices for measuring distances.

Useful tips for using laser rulers

If it is required to measure distances over 10 m, it is desirable to use a target to increase the accuracy of the measurement. As a target, there can be any object of small dimensions, for example, a box of matches. In this case, the beam will be reflected from a certain target and the measurements will be particularly accurate.

Summarizing, it should be said that the laser ruler, which is also called laser roulette or laser range finder, successfully replaces traditional roulettes in many spheres of production and business. Also, this device is increasingly purchased for personal use. The laser range finder is able to calculate the volume and area, perform the subtraction and addition, which usually have to be done separately, and the process is long, and the results are often incorrect. The most advanced models are equipped with functions that help to measure and calculate inaccessible segments, using different versions of the Pythagorean theorem on mediated measurements.

Go with the times, using modern laser rulers!

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