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How to pump the triceps with dumbbells at home

Athletics have always been popular with young people and older people. This is not surprising. But quite often in athletes, especially beginners, the question arises: "How to pump triceps dumbbells?"

The increase in the volume of this muscle is the desired goal of any athlete. After all, the relief muscles always cause admiration. But to develop a harmonious musculature is possible only if you swing all the muscles. If you want your hands to attract the views of others, then you can help a set of exercises on the triceps.

French press

One of the exercises is the French press. If we talk about the classics of the genre, then doing this exercise involves holding the dumbbells behind the head with both hands and squeezing it out until the arms are straightened in the elbows. But this method has not caught on, since it is inconvenient, so usually perform a press with one hand.

It is often recommended to do this exercise while sitting, in which case you need to take dumbbells of lower weight to ease the load on the spine. When doing this, make sure that your palms are pointing upwards, and grab the dumbbells for safety with your thumbs, if you press the dumbbells with both hands. Note that this way you can pump the triceps at home. After all, this exercise does not require special conditions and equipment.

Straightening the arm with dumbbells in slope

How to pump triceps dumbbells in other ways? Try to do this simple exercise.
Leaning forward, lean against the bench with your hand and knee. The opposite hand from the dumbbells, pull back so that it is at the same level with the shoulder. Then bend your arm at the elbow at a right angle, and then straighten your arm to the right position. Again, bend your arm and straighten it again. Do the same exercise with the other hand. Attention: fully stretch and shorten the triceps. Do not limit the amplitude of motion. This exercise loads the triceps rather well, but since it is performed alternately with two hands, the energy is consumed twice as much.

Extension of the triceps on the bench

Now you know how to pump triceps dumbbells. There is an exercise that is performed without dumbbells, but its effectiveness is very high.

You need to put two benches at such a distance that you put one foot on one, and the other leaned their hands behind their backs. Brushes should be located on the width of the shoulders. Slowly drop down, stretching the triceps, and then climb up sharply, unbending your arms at the elbows.

To do this exercise technically, follow certain rules. Lower should be as low as possible to stretch the muscles as much as possible. Many athletes, performing this exercise, use additional weights, putting on the hips of various objects. This is done to increase the load on the muscles. But in fact it is both uncomfortable and dangerous. And in this situation it will be very difficult to maintain balance. By performing this exercise, you can use moderate additional weight.

The article tells about how to pump triceps dumbbells and without them at home without using special equipment. In fact, there are a number of exercises for the development of triceps, but they should be performed in the gym. In addition, when doing press, it is necessary to monitor the technique, because the result depends on it.

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