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How to make soup in Meinkraft - feel like a cook!

So, today we will talk with you about how to make soup in "Maincrafter". After all, this game gives us opportunities, which are nowhere else. So here you can feel like an artisan, a blacksmith, a cook, a hunter - anyone. Today we will try to master the skills of cooking. Let's take a look at how to make a Meinkraft mushroom soup .

Mushroom (red)

Well, start our search with the main component. After all, in order to cook something, you will have to get some food. Let's start with the mushrooms. Where can I get them? What are they needed for? Let's try to understand.

Mushroom is food and decoration in the game. However, if you are not in the "creativity" mode, then this item performs the function of "eating". Mushrooms can be grown on the appropriate farm or simply found. In addition, mushrooms are cut from mushroom cows. In the Lower World, you can extract this product with a piston that pushes the "vegetation" from under the water.

If you are thinking how to make soup in Meincraft, then you will have to find only one unit of this resource. True, it is best to collect it more. Why? The thing is that this product is used in different recipes. Especially in cooking and creating a dye. After you got it, you can start looking for other items.

Brown mushrooms

Well, in order to get into the Meinkraft soup, you'll have to find another kind of mushrooms - brown. Unlike the Reds, they resemble something real "fellow". If you are thinking about culinary recipes, then it is best to stock up on this product.

The fact is that the brown mushroom, in fact, is extracted in exactly the same way as the red one. True, it is impossible to find it on a mushroom cow. But under the trees, in the forests, caves and in the mushroom biome they are full. So if you look carefully, you can collect a lot of this product. They are often grown on mushroom farms. Brown mushrooms participate exclusively in culinary discoveries. So, do not hope that they will make a dye.

If you come across a block of a huge mushroom, then prepare yourself - when it is destroyed from all sides, you will be showered with a variety of types of product. Thus, it makes sense to go to the Lower World with enchanted scissors (Silk Touch). After such a campaign to think about how to make soup in the "Meincraft", a long time will not have to. Will only get one thing - and you can deal with the craft. Let's try to figure out what's next.


If you are thinking how to make soup in Meinkraft, then, of course, it is worth thinking about where to pour it. You can not keep it in your hands! In order to implement the idea, we will need a cup.

Unfortunately, this is another subject that will have to be made on a workbench. Without it, we will not be able to implement our idea of preparing a soup. So let's see how you can make a cup.

To create it you will have to find boards. They, naturally, are obtained from wood. This is a very common material. So the problems with the extraction will not arise. You need to take care only of that all boards were the same color, that is, they were of the same kind of wood. In total there are 6 types in the game. After you collect 3 boards, you can combine them on a workbench and think further how to make soup in "Maincrafter". Remains quite a bit.

Final spurt

And now, when we already have a container, where to pour the soup, and all the products, you can safely cook the dish. To do this, simply place on the workbench in any sequence of red and brown mushrooms, and then a cup. In the end, you will get the desired dish.

Delicacy restores a pretty good life. As many as 8 units. If you decide to go on a dangerous journey, then this product will not be superfluous. So stock them and go on the road. Now you know how to make soup in Meincraft.

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