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How to find yourself? What will the person who finds himself recommend?

Developing, a person lives. Always need to be in search, try to get new knowledge, learn new skills. However, for this you should be in harmony with yourself. In this article I want to talk about what it means to find yourself. How can I do that? What will happen if you do not look for yourself?

What does it mean?

At first glance, it may seem that this phrase - "find yourself" - is too tricky. However, everything is much simpler. Every person is in constant search for something better. It is discontent with the current life situation that stimulates to go further and further in finding oneself. To say simply, to look for oneself means to set new goals and gradually achieve them, while receiving a lot of new knowledge and skills useful for life.

What does the person who finds himself feel? First of all, this satisfaction. However, this state will not last long. Very soon emotions will calm down, as a consequence, emptiness will return. Therefore, it is worth mentioning that you can not find yourself and stop. Even if a person has mastered a certain skill and wants to constantly receive pleasure from it, in the process of work, he will always develop, mastering all the new and new aspects of a certain matter, seeking new opportunities for improving his personality.

the main thing

What can a person who finds himself, who knows his place in life, advise? First of all, learn how to set personal goals of varying complexity. And, of course, be able to achieve them. This is the main rule that gives a person a push in life and makes them develop and improve. In addition, setting life goals perfectly helps to cope with stressful situations and without special problems to overcome the difficulties that often arise on the life path. And this is an excellent bonus on the path of self-search.

What you need to know about

What can I advise a person who keeps saying: "Help me find myself"? First of all, it should be said that the search process is often long (given the time frame) and labor-intensive (taking into account the costs of effort and energy). Therefore, self-search can last for years, sometimes for decades (in fact, this takes a lifetime). However, this should not upset, because the process itself is self-improvement of the person, obtaining valuable experience. In addition, you need to remember a few more points:

1. The goal should be to your liking, ie. Correspond to the desires and mood of a person. Foreign goals (parents, friends, public) - this is not at all a search for oneself, but an imitation or submission to someone else's will.

2. The goal should be achievable (not overestimated), but not too accessible. Well, if there is a person's motivation for positive actions and self-improvement as a person.

3. The goal is to make a person "burn". It must attract, attract, be desired. At the same time, visualization of the future helps, as well as other elements of adjusting yourself to the desired mode (for example, you can set smaller goals yourself each month, which will lead to the achievement of one big one).

Where to look?

No less important question that can arise in most people is: "Where to find yourself?" So, psychologists say that two large whales on which the life of each person keeps is family and work. This is where you need to look for your meaning of life, in these areas to improve. It should be said that the two mentioned important areas are so broad and unlimited that they can be grown and developed in person all their life, all the while forming new and new goals.

About the time

What more can the person who finds himself can tell? An important rule: do not postpone for later. Do not think that today you can perform the necessary for life mechanical actions, without developing at all. Begin to look for yourself from the very childhood. The process of learning, choosing a profession, searching for hobbies - these are all elements of self-search. And you do not need to stop here. Mature age is not the time when you need to start looking for yourself, then you can already sum up and pass on valuable knowledge and experience gained over the years to the next generation. It is important to remember that life is the constant process of searching.

And if you do not look?

It is important to remember the following: only a person who finds himself or searches is truly happy. He can be successful and even rich. However, some live just like that, without thinking about the future and developing their own personality. It should be said that today there are a lot of such people. Where are they? On the streets under the fences, in the pubs. Even if everything is not so scary, then often the expression of people in such people is very unhappy, they just do not feel the colors of life. A person who does not have a goal has no sense of existence. The search for alternative options begins, as a result - the withdrawal into a fictitious reality, the development of various kinds of dependencies.

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