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Actors "Unfinished Piece for a Mechanical Piano". Reviews and reviews of the movie

The film "An Unfinished Piece for a Mechanical Piano" was released in 1977. It was shown at a variety of film festivals and won five awards. It was noted not only the direction, but also some actors. "Unfinished play for a mechanical piano": what is this movie about and who played the main roles in it?

The creators of the picture

The director of the picture was Nikita Mikhalkov, the Oscar winner for the film Burnt by the Sun, which was filmed a little later. Also, Mikhalkov was nominated for an Oscar for his film work entitled "Urga - the Territory of Love" and "Twelve."

Mikhalkov prefers to write scripts for his films on his own. And this time, by enlisting the support of Alexander Adabashyan (a famous Soviet actor and director), Nikita Sergeyevich creatively revised Anton Chekhov's stories "In the Manor", "Bezotsovshchina" and many others, creating on their basis a single story.

On the main roles were invited well-known Soviet actors: "Unfinished piece for a mechanical piano" was included in the filmography of Alexander Kalyagin, Elena Solovei, Yuri Bogatyrev, Oleg Tabakov and others.

Behind the camera was Pavel Lebeshev, who also worked on the paintings "Call, open the door", "Slave of Love" and "Belorussky Railway Station."

Short story

In the film "Unfinished Piece for a Mechanical Piano", actors play characters who, on a wonderful summer evening, gathered at a dacha with a certain general Anna Petrovna Voynitsova. It would seem that people should not meet each other's friends, but it soon becomes clear that many of them had relationships in the past.

In particular, a piquant situation unfolds on the screens, when the village teacher Platnov suddenly finds out in his wife the stepson of the general's wife, his first love. Upon seeing Sophia, Michel Platonov loses his head and tries to explain to her all evening. And he manages to do it so well that Sophia suggests that he abandon his faithful and escape together.

Mikhail Vasilyevich Platonov suddenly realizes that he does not have enough of his adventures for such adventures. In despair, he rushes from the cliff into the bubbling water, as it seemed to him. Yes, it turns out that the water to his knees, and suicide failed. And this story ends.

Actors involved in the film. "Unfinished piece for a mechanical piano": a character of Platonov and his singer Kalyagin

Chekhov's characters are not easy to play. Therefore Mikhalkov was invited to the proven actors.

"An unfinished play for a mechanical piano" is not the first time that Alexander Kalyagin and Nikita Mikhalkov collaborated. Nikita Sergeyevich already filmed Kalyagin in his directorial debut, "His own among strangers, a stranger among his own." A year after filming in this picture, Alexander Alexandrovich became famous throughout the Union for the role of Babs Baberley in the movie "Hello, I'm Your Aunt." Then the artist received a notable role in the next Mikhalkov film "The Slave of Love" and, finally, the main role in "The Unfinished Play ..."

The hero of Alexander Kalyagin in his youth was distinguished by his quickness and ingenuity. He dreamed of a great future. He was passionately in love with Sophia. But all this remains in the past: now he is just an unpromising rural teacher. The meeting with Sophia awakens in him past courage and nostalgia for former times. And yet it turns out that the teacher Michel Platonov has long lost his inclination for adventures: even in the company of his beloved Sophia, he is not ready to risk and abandon his former life for the sake of an uncertain future.

"Unfinished piece for a mechanical piano": actors and roles. Elena Solovey in the role of Sophia Voinitsova

Elena Solovey, like Alexander Kalyagin, is one of Mikhalkov's most beloved performers. In the 76th actress agreed to take part in his project "Unfinished Piece for a Mechanical Piano".

Actors Alexander Kalyagin and his partner on the set Elena Solovey in the film "The Unfinished Play ..." is played by elderly people who used to love each other. But then they parted ways: Michelle married Sashenka, and Sophia became the bride of Sergei Voynitsy - the stepson of Anna Petrovna's general. When a woman gives her consent to visit the villa Voynizyova, she does not even suspect what kind of meeting there is waiting for her and how it all ends.

Elena Solovei also starred in such films as "Vanyushin's Children", "Mad Money" and "The Blonde is around the corner". Since 1991, the actress is in exile in the United States.

Other performers of roles

The film "An Unfinished Piece for a Mechanical Piano" gathered in the frame of many talented actors.

For example, Yuri Bogatyrev got the image of Serge Voynizyov, the husband of Sophia. The actor is also known for his roles in the films "A Quiet Day at the End of the War", "Don Cesar de Bazan" and "His Own Among Strangers ...".

Nikita Mikhalkov in the film chose the role of Dr. Nikolai Triletsky. Antonina Shuranova, known for the films "War and Peace" and "The Star of Enchanting Happiness", played the owner of the dacha - General Anna Petrovna.

Eugenia Glushenko ("The Life of Klim Samgin") got the role of Sashenka - the legitimate wife of Michel Platonov. A famous Oleg Tabakov played a neighbor-creditor Shcherbuk. Also in the frame appeared Nikolai Pastukhov ("The Taming of the Shrew"), Pavel Kadochnikov ("The Blonde is around the corner"), Anatoly Romashin (Anna Pavlova) and Natalia Nazarova (Sibiriada).

Reviews and reviews

Five awards at film festivals in Chicago, Cartagena, San Sebastian, Belgrade and Rome received the painting "An Unfinished Piece for a Mechanical Piano". Critics' comments about it, of course, are positive. In the world it has long ago been difficult to speak ill of Chekhov's creations, and it was on the basis of his stories that a script for the film was created.

On the IMDb website, the picture has a rating of eight points out of a possible ten, which is a pretty high figure. Ordinary viewers also respond about Mikhalkov's work mostly positively: the beautiful cast of actors pleases the eye, and the problems of pre-revolutionary Russia are relevant, as it turned out, in the modern world. The meaninglessness and worthlessness of one's own life can be realized by any person. And what further to do with this "knowledge" - everyone decides for himself: change his destiny or continue to burn the priceless time. Unfortunately, the hero Kalyagin chooses the latter.

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