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Casual is a style that has been quite popular recently. What is its peculiarity and why is it in great demand among modern youth? Style kazhual created as if specifically for everyday life. In literal translation, casual means "unofficial, negligent". Therefore, this style is an excellent solution for those who follow fashion trends and love comfort in clothes. Casual is a style that provides comfort and comfort and, of course, freedom and scope for self-expression.

History of the appearance of style kazhual

This style appeared in the 50-ies of the last century in England. Initially, it was part of certain subcultures, but later the designers determined that the kazhual is a style that deserves a separate clothing line. In a fashionable world, this style appeared thanks to Nino Cherutti, so Italy is the birthplace of Kazuhal. Soon new in this direction was introduced by Giorgio Armani. He successfully combined a jacket in the style of kezhual and trousers, shirts replaced with turtlenecks, which led to the rapid development of the new trend in fashion.

And very soon almost all eminent designers began to create collections in this style. By and large, Kazuhal is a combination of classic and sporting styles. The most important thing is that it should be harmonious, but it largely depends on the taste.

Style Subspecies

There are several subspecies of style kazhual. Business Casual is a style in which not only classic fabrics are allowed, but we also admit knitwear. In addition, it is possible to combine classical things without adhering to one color scheme. In the business case in the suit there may be some details not related to the classical style. For example, patch pockets, shoulder straps and so on. Also there are subspecies such as sport-Kazhual, smart kazhual and street-kazhual. Even it is possible to distinguish the evening and glamorous Kazhual. The street-style cashew is a bit like a business-like sub-type of this trendy trend. In this version, it is allowed to put on sweaters under jackets and combine them with jeans. In general, it is jeans - the main part of the image in this style that is beloved by many.

How to dress in the style of Kazuhal?

To dress in this fashionable style, you can use clothes of different colors, styles and brands. Only one condition: the combination must be harmonious to create an individual image. Fashion tunics and dresses should be complemented with stylish jackets and scarves. To complete the image, you can use the appropriate accessories and shoes in the style of kazhual. In general, it all depends on your imagination and, of course, on your taste. Remember that fashion trends are excellent, but your image should be stylish and harmonious in any case.

Kazhual is a style that practically does not provide for restrictions in the choice of clothes for every day. But it is worth paying attention to one important rule: there should be no clearly expressed details and elements of other styles and subcultures, for example, business, official and so on. It is also forbidden to use things created in the style of famous designers and therefore easily recognizable when creating the image.

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