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How to enlarge the breast without surgery: the most famous ways

Such an operation, as mammoplasty, is not available to every woman today. But almost all ladies dream of an ideal bust. That's what those who do not have money for an expensive operation have to experiment with different homegrown methods, which promise an increase in the amount. How can I increase my breast without going to the clinic ? At home, it's impossible to do this, although various means and practices have been invented for this. But they rather belong to the realm of myths, they can not promise anything except spent time, effort and money. Well, if so, but in fact, some still can spoil your health. However, for many girls, the question of how to increase the breast without surgery is vital.

Cosmetical tools

These include creams, serums, gels and other ointments. The cost of some of them sometimes comes close to the price of the operation itself, only the effect is doubtful. They all contain various active components, called some cunning ways to enlarge the chest. However, instead, it just swells a little, and this effect holds true as long as the lady uses the cream. Producers write that all means are absolutely safe, but it's better not to joke with your breasts, so you need to think carefully before you apply something to it.

Power Loads

This is the most popular way of how to enlarge the breast without surgery. Exercises with dumbbells, push-ups, squeezing and other things may be able to pull up a slightly saggy breast after feeding the baby or slimming. But to wait that they will give the third size instead of the first one is just a utopia, even if you train until the fall. The maximum, what you should count on is good health and improvement of health, because sports are needed for this.


Here the favorite in the question of how to increase the breasts without surgery is the cabbage already full of all. Where does the myth that it can somehow affect the size come from, it is not known, but many girls still believe this. It can be assumed that increased portions of cabbage in the menu of the puberty girl will indeed contribute to the growth of mammary glands, but that this will affect a 30-year-old woman - from the fantasy world. In addition, cabbage - it's quite a heavy product for the stomach, so you can get a digestive disorder.

Oral agents

These include dietary supplements, tablets, preparations or special foods. As a rule, they are united by the presence of some estrogen, which affects the growth of the mammary glands. In comparison with previous means, maybe this will replace such an operation as mammoplasty. The reviews, however, about the majority of these drugs are negative: negative side effects appear, which are caused by a disruption in the thyroid gland, and these are depression, drowsiness, fatigue, overweight and spoiled metabolism.

Mental impact

Here is another original way of how to enlarge the breast without surgery. It is that by force of thought or visualization during meditation "to make" a bust of the desired form and size. The authors of the technique say that mental settings penetrate the subconscious mind, which will program the body for growth of the mammary glands. Meditation relaxes very well, and it is sometimes so useful! But the lack of results can lead to disappointment and regret about the time spent.

Corrective underwear

Gives an exclusively visual effect and is suitable for appointments, interviews or appearances. Today such underwear is very popular and works like push up, i.e. Lifts and shifts the chest to each other, which gives the effect of a high full bust.

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