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How to disaccustom a child from motion sickness: practical advice

Modern concepts of education assume the closest possible contact between parents and a newborn. Wearing in sling and ergoryukzak, feeding breast milk on demand and sleeping with a child in one bed make it dependent on touches, the rhythm of the steps and the heartbeat of adults. Sooner or later there comes a time when the child becomes physically hard to carry on his hands. He needs to help get out of the habit of falling asleep in the arms of Mom or Dad, but how? You can remove a child from motion sickness at any age, the only thing that is required for this is patience and consistency.

The famous pediatrician and psychologist of the last century, Dr. Benjamin Spock, in his works suggested the following way to wean children to fall asleep on their hands: just do not go to the crib in which the child tries to fall asleep. Parents who successfully applied this simple and tough tactic, units. The vast majority of normal people can not stand the desperate crying of the baby in the crib for more than five minutes.

How to disaccustom a child from motion sickness, without traumatizing him and his psyche and not experiencing the patience of his neighbors for half an hour "concerts"? For those who are just waiting for the addition, the most simple recommendation: do not swing. Not accustomed to motion sickness, the child in most cases quietly falls asleep in the crib. Of course, if he is full, dry and healthy.

How to put the baby to sleep? Without motion sickness, children's sleep is possible and even more preferable, because some pediatricians do not doubt that shaking is harmful to the baby's brain. Just put the child in the crib, cover with a blanket and give a pacifier (if he sucks it). Sing the song, turn off the bright light, leaving the night light on. Turning and pacing a little, the baby falls asleep.

Problems begin if the colic is colic or the teeth are chopped. He does not sleep well, plaintively cries, waking up in the middle of the night, and requires an active participation. And when the difficult period is over, the parents will again face the question: how to wean the child from motion sickness. Fortunately, this method of putting the baby in bed is an alternative: a dream together with his mother. On one bed with the mother, the baby will quickly fall asleep, especially if you offer him a breast or just put yourself on your stomach and rocking lying down. It is important not to allow the child to sleep so all night. Be sure to shift it into a cradle as soon as it falls asleep. Otherwise, we will have to wean out afterwards from sleep with our parents.

With a child older than a year, you can come up with a ritual of going to sleep. Read your favorite fairy tale, sing a lullaby. Some children like a night projector or an electronic mobile that projects the image of gay heroes on the ceiling and walls. Typically, these toys are equipped with a musical function.

Children older than six months appear favorite toys. Put a plush friend in the crib with the child, let him associate with him with sleep.

Another tip on "how to wean a child from motion sickness" is to try to get more impressions for the day. Walking, active games, a long bath in the tub with toys - and now the little fellow is already tiredly rubbing his eyes, building his head on something soft (sofa, pillow or beloved bear). It is important not to miss this moment, sit next to him and start gently stroking the head. This universal method saves many parents from swinging a grown-up child in their arms.

Easy massage of the legs and back before the sleep will calm, and a quiet mother or father's voice, singing something sleepy, will help the kid without problems to go to the kingdom of Morpheus.

Another problem is if the baby is used to falling asleep in the day only in the wheelchair. It is especially important in winter, when the contrast of cold and warm air and cloudy weather cause the child's eyes to close right away when entering the street. Such children are difficult to put to sleep in the afternoon at home, and in fact a day dream is an excellent opportunity for the mother to have time to do something about the household. When asked how to wean a child from motion sickness in a wheelchair, the answer is simple: go for a walk when the kid is active and cheerful. And then the walk will not be associated with him with sleep. Of course, you should put the stroller in a sitting position and do not rush to put the baby horizontally, as soon as he yawns. Show the child how other children play, like pigeons pick up crumbs, yes anything, just to keep his attention and not let him fall into a sleepy state.

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