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How much weight a newborn should have in the course of normal development

A newborn baby is a small and fragile little man. Parents, especially young ones, are always concerned about his health and development. And in the first days together it is so difficult to decide what can be considered a norm, but what goes beyond it. And the kid, in fact, is now only able to eat and sleep. Therefore, the question is so exciting: "How much should a newborn be added to weight?" Only this indicator can help a young mother to make sure that she does everything right.

Weight of newborn

It is considered the norm if a full-term baby weighs from 3 to 4 kilograms at birth. Boys are usually slightly heavier than girls. Babies less than three kilograms are considered small, they will gain weight a little faster. A baby more than four kilograms will be considered large and, accordingly, can gain weight a little slower.

How much a newborn should be added in weight each month

There are certain norms that pediatricians and parents are guided by when determining the parameters of a baby's development. In the first month of life, children increase their weight by about a kilogram, but it is quite permissible to increase from 500 g to 1.5 kg. In the second and third months, the approximate figures that determine how much a child should weigh is 700-800 grams, and further up to a year - about 500 grams. Malous children increase their weight more quickly, and large children may not be naked. Thus, the daily weight gain of a newborn baby should be approximately 20 grams.

What weight gain should be considered normal

However, it must be borne in mind that a newborn is first and foremost a small man with his own particular organism. Each of them has its own character, and it manifests itself already in the manner of eating. Some children greedily attack food, suck so that they even choke. And others take their chest or nipple reluctantly, suck slowly, can sleep and eat again. Therefore, the specific values of the normative indicators, how many a newborn should weigh in weight, may differ. There are kids who will not close their eyes if they are not fully satisfied, and those who can sleep peacefully without even eating enough. But usually a hungry child becomes restless, he wakes up earlier than the usual time of feeding and begins to cry. This must be reported to the child's doctor, who will inspect the baby and reassure his mother, will give the necessary recommendations. Do not be scared and start immediately to feed a crying child with a mixture, fearing that he is undernourished. First, breast milk is an indispensable source of vitamins and other nutrients, and secondly, crying can be caused not only by hunger. It is better to try to apply the baby more often to the breast, when feeding, give him both one and the other breast. The female organism is designed in such a way that it adapts itself to the needs of a small person, it is important not to interfere with this process. And, of course, calm and friendly atmosphere will help to improve the lactation process. Therefore, experts do not advise too restless mothers to often use scales for newborns, otherwise each weigh-in can turn into new stress for them. You need to trust your baby more and do not forget that the amount a newborn can put on weight in any particular case can only be decided by a specialist.

When it comes to a child, it can be very difficult to determine what can be considered a norm. And you should orient yourself here first of all on his state of health. If the baby is cheerful, sleeps well, there is no reason to believe that he is malnourished. Then the problem, how much a newborn should weigh in weight, is not too relevant.

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