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How to cook a delicious marinade for chicken skewers: original recipes for a popular dish

Shish kebab - a dish so widespread and popular that it seems that even a child can fry it. However, the main trick is to prepare marinade. A good fragrant marinade is a guarantee that the meat will also be fragrant, soft, intoxicatingly delicious.

Shish kebab with courgettes

Make shish kebab from any meat - lamb and lamb, pork and beef. Even from sausages and sausages. But very successful in this regard is the chicken. Chicken meat is softer than other varieties, it can be marinated faster, and the process of its frying is not as long as, for example, in a pig. And, of course, every owner (they say, this dish does not tolerate women's hands!) Has its own recipe for how to prepare marinade for chicken shish kebab. We will share some original ideas. We will need a half a kilogram of piles or belly of 4 young zucchini of medium size. They need to be cleaned and cut into thin slices along. In addition, you will need coriander (you can not spare it, the shish kebab will only come out better); Fresh mint leaves (handfuls); 5 cloves of garlic, large; 5-6 large onions (cut into small half rings). In addition to this marinade for chicken shish kebab add juice (freshly squeezed, i.e. natural) 1 lemon and zest from it. And, finally, black ground pepper, salt (all this to taste), vegetable oil. Now cooking. Meat is cut into small portions, we put it in an enamel bowl or pan. Pizza strips send for half a minute in salted boiling water for blanching, then take it out and let it drain. We also prepare marinade for chicken shish kebab. To do this, all components, except the oil, should be ground with a blender into a single-compound mass. Pour in the oil and mix. Add zucchini to meat and fill with marinade. Close the container and hold 1-1.5 hours. Marinade for chicken shish kebab will soak and zucchini, which will acquire a pleasant sharpness and rich taste. After the time has elapsed, skewer the meat and between the slices of zucchini strips, fry, turning over, from 5 to 10 minutes until cooked. When serving sprinkle with herbs. A dish with ketchup, sweet and sour tomato or tomato-sour cream sauce goes well.

Marinade honey

Unusual, but very pleasant to taste is a marinade for chicken shish kebab with honey. Cook it should be this way: 3-4 cloves of garlic chop, put in a saucepan; There to pour in 3 spoons of honey (canteens, any sort, if thickened - slightly warmed, a little liquefy); Add your favorite ketchup, 5 tablespoons. Just do not take sharp - marinade and so it will be enough peppered. But garlic or with paprika - that's it. This recipe for marinade for chicken shish kebab includes Worcestershire sauce - 4 tablespoons. However, if you do not have one at hand, simply do the following: mix the mayonnaise with the mustard (you can 1: 1), and send to the other ingredients.

For acuity, pour 2 teaspoons of hot ground pepper and salt the marinade to your liking. Well, all the fun. Cut the meat into portions. If you cook a shish kebab from a chicken breast, the pickle should soak the meat for about 30-40 minutes. The same time is enough for processing chicken drumsticks. But pork or lamb should be marinated at least the night. Then we do everything as usual: we skewer skewers on skewers. Between the pieces of meat you can place slices of fresh tomatoes and rings of fresh onions. Do not fry for long, turning over so that the dish does not burn. Serve with parsley, fresh or pickled cucumbers.

Have a nice picnic!

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