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How to charm a guy at home: rituals and warnings

Before you choose how to bewitch a guy at home, you need to understand that magic holds some dangers in you. Not all rituals can be done independently, without special protection. For domestic "magicians" it is recommended to use light spells that will make the guy show interest, but do not enslave him. That is, the impact will be effective, but it will not damage it and its energy. Thus, Way you will make the object of your desires look at you with interested eyes, and leave the rest to nature.

How to charm a guy at home, if you practically do not communicate with him

It happens, the guy liked, but there are no points of contact. No problem! You can conduct a ritual of a light spell to make you want to communicate with yourself. To do this, you need an apple and a candle. But these items must be special. Best of all, if you kill the apple from the branch or buy it from old women selling goods from their garden. When buying a change, you can not take it, otherwise it will not work! The candle is better to take a red color. The whole evening before the ritual, you need to think about it. Before midnight, left alone, light the candle and, dropping wax on the bull's-eye, say: "The apple is ruddy, a spicy liquid! As you can not without water, so the servant of God (name) can not live without a girl (his name) "Amen!". Repeat as many times as the letters in the Name of the chosen one. The apple should be completely covered with wax. Put it so that no one touches it. When your relationship begins, the apple should be cut into small pieces and fed to the birds, saying: "Birds are sisters! Fly to heaven, let my servant (name) do not fade in the eyes of the servant of God! Fly to the pond - take trouble! Fly on a tree, let the dear heart languish! Amen!"

Still how to bewitch the guy at home

This ritual is for those who communicate with the object of desire. During the feast you need to tell a drink that your beloved will drink. The plot is this: "How can not a rainbow without sky, a land without snow, a sun without a moon, so can not the servant of God (name) without me (name). It will turn out, will be executed, in my opinion it will turn, as water in a throat will be entered! Amen! "You can whisper, and you can even mentally say it.

Caution: when choosing a way how to charm a guy at home, do not pursue the complexity of the ritual. Very "wise" privoroty require great energy costs and special conditions. Some are made only on the growing moon, others need to "pay". From such actions, an unprepared performer may get sick or suffer in another way!

An easy way to charm a guy

It is believed that one of the most effective and effective ways is to establish an energy link. There is no need to use special ritual objects or words. When deciding how to fascinate a guy at home, proceed from the circumstances in which you live. Can an easy way for you! Take a photo of a loved one and fine tuned up, start to consider it. At the same time, focus on his personality. You must imagine what he thinks, what he is passionate about, what interests him. When you decide that you have established a connection, represent your relationship (brightly and in detail) and "pass" it in your eyes to the photo. The next day the result will be!

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