How to call to Germany? Options for every taste

Germany is a country located in the Center of Europe. The country with a rich history and culture is traditionally one of the ten most active economic partners of Russian business. It is very attractive for tourism, recreation and shopping. Many Russians have economic, friendly and even family ties with this country . Therefore, often there is a question about how to call to Germany?

Another twenty years ago the answer to this question was one. You need to call from the meeting point. And calls to Germany were more like a lottery. Lucky, then the conversation will turn out and three minutes, more money is usually not enough, you can talk normally without interference. No luck, then the conversation turned into a game "in a bad phone," where in the end, no one remembered what he was talking about.

Now the situation has changed dramatically. The proliferation of digital technologies and satellite communications made communication simple and accessible. At the moment, it's easy to call Germany, you just have to choose the type of communication that is convenient for you.

So how to call to Germany? You can call from a fixed or mobile phone, you can use the Internet connection, there are also special communication cards for long-distance and international calls.

Using a landline phone is the most reliable, but also the most expensive type of communication.

A little cheaper than you will get mobile international communication. But we must bear in mind that this connection is really available, it is absolutely necessary to activate the service "Mezhgorod". When you connect this service from you will take a subscription fee, each operator has its own, but is in the range of 1.5 to 2 rubles per day. Having connected such service, you can call to Germany on the average on 5-10 rubles depending on region. And if this service is not connected, the international call can become gold. This type of communication is suitable for those who often call abroad, then it is profitable. For the sake of one call to such manipulations should not be started.

When deciding how to call to Germany, the most advantageous option is communication over the Internet. Especially if you use Skype. This program provides great opportunities for communication. But there is one big thing: it is desirable that the Internet be wired, since the mobile Internet does not work at a sufficiently high speed. This is especially true for not very large settlements, where there is no wired Internet, and the mobile works with failures.

The option with international calling cards is good for those who do not have the opportunity to use other types of communication. He for a fee gives the opportunity to get a sufficiently large number of minutes for a conversation.

Now about how to call to Germany correctly. To call to Germany from Russia, you need to dial 8,109 (fixed line) and +7 1049 (mobile). Next comes the code of the German land and the city, for example, for Berlin it will be 30, for Hanover 511 and so on. Attention! In Germany, the numbers start at 0, it does not need to be dialed, the land and city code and the subscriber's number are dialed immediately.

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