Hotel Neptune Mare 4 * (Gennadi, Greece): photo, reviews

Rhodes Island is a legendary place, attracting thousands of tourists who want to spend time on the beach and plunge into ancient history and unique culture. Of course, over the past few decades, many hotels and boarding houses of different sizes and categories have been built here. One of the most popular places to stop is the hotel Neptune Mare 4 *.

When planning a trip, it is worth asking for more information about the selected hotel. For example, it is important to know about where the hotel is located and whether you will have to walk to the beach. What kind of food and accommodation can a tourist expect? Is it possible to have a good time here with the children? What kind of reviews do guests leave? The answers to these questions are really important.

Hotel location

Of course, to begin with it is worth to find out exactly where to find the hotel complex Neptune Mare 4 * (Greece). Gennadi (Gennadi) - a picturesque resort village, located on the beach in the southern part of the island of Rhodes. The center of the town can be reached within 10 minutes of leisurely walking - here you will find shops, colorful taverns, a medical center. This is a tranquil area that is designed to relax on the beach.

By the way, very close to such cities as Prasonisi and Lindos - here you can visit the ancient Acropolis and no less interesting ancient castle. The distance to Rhodes Airport is about 70 km. As you can see, the location of the hotel is very convenient - from here it's easy to get anywhere. Tourists can take a taxi or book a transfer at the hotel.

What does the territory of the hotel look like?

Hotel Neptune Mare 4 * is a complex of several two-story buildings. The area of its territory is about seven thousand square meters. The yard is literally buried in flowers, and guests are pleasant to walk around carefully arranged lawns and relax in the shade of cypresses. Of course, in the yard there are terraces for relaxation, a swimming pool, sports grounds, in short, everything you need for a pleasant pastime.

By the way, the hotel was built in 1992. Of course, since then, it has undergone several reconstructions, the last of which took place in 2007. The hotel area is constantly being improved, and the equipment is changed from time to time to a more modern one. It is thanks to the comfort and coziness of the tourists that Neptune Mare 4 * hotel is so popular. Gennadi is a really good place for a vacation.

What rooms are provided to the guests?

Neptune Mare 4 * is a medium sized hotel. Guests are offered a choice of 73 rooms. For the most part, these are standard rooms with spacious balconies that are designed to accommodate two people (+ child).

But there are also more spacious family rooms, which consist of a bedroom and a living room area, where soft furniture and sofa beds are located. These rooms are great for living with parents with two children, because there is enough room for everyone.

Hotel Neptune Mare 4 *: photo and description of facilities in the rooms

It is quite natural that for many guests the issue of comfort is important, because after a day spent at the beach or in the city, I want to return to a cozy clean room and relax. Immediately it is worth saying that the rooms on the territory of the hotel are spacious, clean and bright, with large windows. By the way, you have a balcony with a view of the sea or the city - there is a comfortable furniture, so guests like to relax in the fresh air.

Of course, the rooms are fully furnished: there is a large, comfortable bed, a table, soft armchairs and a sofa, a spacious wardrobe and bedside tables. Guests can also use home appliances - here it is modern and works like a clock. A convenient air-conditioning system will help create the most comfortable temperature conditions. It's good to relax after watching your favorite satellite channels on the big screen of the TV. For a small fee, you can use the Internet connection, which is very important for many modern travelers. And in the hotel offer a rental of mini-refrigerators, which employees deliver to the room on request.

Naturally, the room is adjacent to a spacious bathroom. Here is a comfortable shower, as well as a toilet, a washbasin and a wall mirror. Guests are provided with clean towels, as well as necessary hygienic supplies.

What kind of food can you expect?

Of course, the question of nutrition is important for every tourist. What can you expect for the guests of the Neptune Mare 4 * hotel? Rhodes is an island that is famous for its hospitality. And this hotel is no exception. Guests are free to choose a convenient food scheme for them. In most cases, tourists prefer the so-called half board, which includes two meals a day. Also, guests can pay for the "all inclusive" system or completely refuse to eat at the hotel.

Guests are invited to the spacious building of the restaurant, where meals are held at the buffet. According to reviews, the menu here is quite diverse. For breakfast, they offer toasts, cereals, muesli, fresh pastries, salads, fruits and light snacks. Lunches and dinners are more diverse: guests are offered dishes of meat, fish and fresh seafood, as well as soups and traditional Greek delicacies.

Meals are unlikely to be a problem for tourists, because in the village there are several cafes and taverns, where you can eat deliciously, and the prices here are quite acceptable.

Relax on the beach: entertainment and amenities

Of course, many tourists prefer to spend their holidays in the tender sunshine on the beach. What can the guests of Neptune Mare 4 * (Greece) expect? O. Rhodes is famous for its incredibly beautiful coast. The hotel is located almost on the beach - the distance is not more than 50 m. The beach here is covered with sand and small pebbles. According to the reviews, the water here is clean and warm, and the entrance to the sea is cleared and quite comfortable.

On the beach, even rows of comfortable sun beds and wide sun umbrellas. For a small fee they can be rented for a whole day. In the hotel you can get clean large towels. On the coast there are several bars where you can order a chilled drink or even a snack, enjoying the sea view.

Water Activities by the Sea

If the sun bathing and bathing is not enough for you, then on the beach you will find ways to spend time more actively. Of course, on local beaches you can easily rent a catamaran or boat. Walking on the boat will also bring a lot of positive impressions.

Get a dose of adrenaline and vivid memories of vacation, you can go water skiing or parasailing. Often, surfers are skating here, and swimming with a mask is also considered a good entertainment. The island has a lot of opportunities to really have fun.

Do the guests offer additional services?

Despite the fact that the hotel is relatively small and is most often used by tourists as a place to stay overnight, some additional services are offered on its territory, which make accommodation here more comfortable. For example, here you can exchange currency at a good rate. Reception, by the way, works round the clock - here you can always find someone from the staff. The administrator can rent a safe for a small fee.

In public places there is free Internet, which is very convenient (the speed is not bad, this is evidenced by the reviews). If you want, you can rent a laptop or use a computer and some office equipment. And the hotel offers rental bicycles, motorcycles and cars - the prices are quite reasonable. Near the hotel there is free parking, which is also convenient.

Leisure on the territory of the hotel

The hotel guests have a good time in its territory. At your service - a large swimming pool, where you can refresh yourself at any time of the day. Nearby, on the terrace, there are umbrellas and sun loungers - here tourists relax, sunbathe and just pleasantly communicate with each other.

At your service there is also a fitness center with a small but fully equipped gym - this fact will please travelers who prefer to always maintain a good shape. You can have a good time playing table football or billiards.

Entertainment can be found outside the Neptune Mare 4 * hotel complex. Greece, in particular Rhodes - it's a great place for sightseeing, because there are a lot of historical and cultural sights worth seeing. In the city, and in the hotel itself, it will not be difficult to get an interesting excursion.

Are there any conditions for recreation with the child?

Of course, parents who are going on a trip with children are more interested in comfort issues and the presence of additional conditions. So what can the Neptune Mare 4 * offer?

Upon request, an extra bed is delivered to the hotel room - it is fold-out, but large and comfortable. Of course, in the restaurant you can always pick up something tasty and simple for the child.

As for entertainment, the kids on the territory of the hotel can not be bored. In the courtyard there is a special pool where children can splash around happily and learn to swim - the depth here is small, and the water is always well warmed up. In addition, the territory has a well-equipped children's playground with swings and other attractions, where your baby can also have fun.

Hotel complex Neptune Mare 4 * (Rhodes): reviews and recommendations from the guest

As you know, having communicated with a person who has already visited a place chosen by you, you can get a lot of additional information. So what impressions does the hotel Neptune Mare 4 * leave?

The reviews are mostly positive. The hotel provides decent accommodation. The rooms here are quite spacious, the necessary furniture and appliances are present, and in good condition. The maids clean the rooms every day - it is always nice to relax, lying in a comfortable bed. The food in general is not bad, although some guests note some monotony of the menu.

The territory is very beautiful and well-equipped - there are places where you can have fun, there are also nooks where you can relax in silence. An important advantage is proximity to the sea. Tourists recommend this hotel to people who want to spend their holidays on one of the most beautiful coasts of Greece.

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