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How to become cool? Good advice

Many girls are interested in the question of how to become cool. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it may seem. This article proposes ways that will help to achieve respect among peers.

How to become cool? Appearance

First of all, watch your appearance. Always look great. It is important that you are neat and stylishly dressed. Also pay attention to the hair - they should always be clean and well-groomed. It is desirable to do hairstyles.

Do not always walk in sneakers and shoes. If age or other factors make it difficult to wear shoes with heels, choose more feminine models. And, of course, try to wear more often skirts, dresses or at least elegant pants. You need to stop being a little girl.

Makeup should be neat. Enough of accurate application of mascara, foundation, light lip gloss. In some cases, you can use shadows, but do not abuse them. It is important to highlight your dignity, and not color like an Indian.

It is important to monitor the skin. She should be well-groomed and healthy. Also keep in good shape. If you have problems with being overweight, do not immediately run into hysterics, drive yourself into complexes and get tired of diets. It is important to accept the fact that you are such, and start working with it. But not to prove something to others, but in order to become more healthy. Full guys and girls often become cool, if they do not suffer from complexes and behave naturally.

How to become cool? Communication

Develop communication skills, otherwise, no matter how beautiful you are, you will hardly become popular. Try to communicate with those people who at the moment are considered cool. But do not sag and communicate in an excusable tone. Otherwise you can just start using. Find an excuse to learn about how a person's business, take an interest in his successes, be affable and unobtrusive.

Try to always be in a good mood. People are drawn to those who radiate positive, and avoid whiners. Be the soul of the company. In some cases, you can "turn on" a bitch, and sometimes become just a cool girl for everyone.

Do not let yourself be humiliated. It is important to defend your opinion, defend your point of view. Otherwise, no one will treat you with respect. Develop the ability to submit yourself. This will help in any company to appear in the best light and attract attention.

How to become cool? Behavior

Remain yourself, do not copy others. In you there must be an individuality, its zest. Read more, try to keep abreast of current news, expand your horizons. You do not have to be a pacifier.

How to become a cool girl?

Meet new people. Those you already know have a certain idea about you, which, apparently, does not suit you, since you are asking yourself how to become cool. For new people you can make the impression you want.

Try to walk more often companies, go to discos and some events. Many are interested in the question of how to become cool in the camp. The answer will be the same - observe the rules listed above.

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