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How do you know how many points of "Thank you" from Sberbank you credited?

The action "Thank you from Sberbank" started in 2011 and very quickly gained admirers among the customers of the bank and cardholders. Participation in it does not require any effort from a person, he simply must have a credit or debit plastic card of Sberbank and regularly make purchases paying for them through the terminal. At the same time, a certain number of points is credited to the bonus account - 3% of the purchase price. They can be spent in partner stores of the action, paying points to 99% of the cost of various goods. Already in the first two days of the action of the action its benefits were used by more than 20 000 clients of Sberbank.

What is it and what will it give me?

The idea of creating such a unique loyalty program was born in connection with the desire of the bank's management to create a universal discount network that would be convenient for all its customers. If you look at shares on Sberbank cards, then the "Thank you" program is the most accessible and does not require a lot of conditions. It is unique in the Russian banking market. But, like any innovation, it made people think about some features of the functional of the action. For example, new participants are sometimes asked how to find out how many points of "Thank you" from Sberbank they are credited, in what stores can you get these bonuses, and in which stores to spend the most profitable? All these points will be discussed later.

Among the partners of the program are more than three hundred different companies throughout Russia. These are the mobile communication salons, and jewelry stores, and the largest household appliances stores, and many other organizations. In them bonuses "Thank you" are exchanged for discounts when buying products, and are credited to the account if payment is made by a card of Sberbank at the rate of 1 point - 1 ruble.

How to become a participant of the action?

Cardholders of the bank can independently connect to the bonus program on the site of the Savings Bank or at ATMs. How to do it? We describe both methods.

  1. Go to the main site of the bank and go to the "Thank you from Sberbank" block.
  2. Click on "Become a member" or "Register". We draw your attention to the fact that you must be a holder of a plastic bank card. For customers with multiple cards, the bonus account will be the same.
  3. In the line "Phone number" enter the number to which your card is attached. This is necessary to confirm the registration in the system and track the actions on the account via SMS.
  4. The verification code will be sent to the specified number, which should be indicated in the next column. After that you will get access to the bonus account and will understand how to find out how many points of "thanks" from Sberbank you have already accumulated.

We register through the terminal

When connecting via Sberbank ATM, your actions should be as follows:

  1. Insert the card into the ATM and dial the PIN-code to identify it.
  2. In the main menu, click on the section "Bonus Programs"
  3. Specify in the column the mobile phone number to which you want to bind the card account.
  4. Please indicate your agreement with the conditions of the action.
  5. In SMS, you will receive a password that you will need to specify when you call the contact center.

If you are connected to the Mobile Bank service, by sending a message of the kind Thanks xxxx (instead of the icons indicate the last 4 digits of your card number) to number 900, you can also participate in the loyalty program.

Features of obtaining bonuses

The "Thank you" points are credited to the customer registered in the promotion after paying the card in Russia and abroad. Sberbank of Russia regularly conducts various actions that allow you to accumulate bonuses faster. The balance of the loyalty program, of course, can be tracked. How do you know how many points of "Thank you" from Sberbank are listed to you?

To do this, go to the bank's website in the Personal Area or through the Sberbank Online service. Click the "Thank you from Sberbank" tab. Above will be the current information on the account, the number of bonuses that you can dispose of. In the same place you can find out under what purchases you were credited with the points, when and in what quantity, the details of the name of the store where the goods were paid by the bank card were indicated. Also, you can subscribe to the newsletter in the Personal Office to always be aware of which stores the program rates are increased in, or to find out information about the most profitable purchases in partner shops of the organization.

Good luck!

So, now you know how to find out how many points of "Thank you" from Sberbank went to your account, and you can use them in the most profitable way. Buy and save at the same time with this amazing loyalty program. Moreover, Sberbank made this process incredibly simple and convenient for every customer. Register and buy the "Thank you" points from Sberbank like the things and enjoy the new quality of life!

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