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How can I find out the cadastral number of the apartment?

The state keeps records of all existing real estate objects. To do this, each apartment, private house, land is assigned a unique numerical code. This number is called a cadastral number . The cadastral number of the apartment is necessary for concluding transactions when buying real estate, donation and exchange procedures.

The fact of existence of the property is confirmed by the cadastral number. This numerical code indicates that the property is officially registered.

What it is?

The cadastral number refers to a unique and individual numeric sign that is assigned to a specific real estate object. The assignment of such a number is his registration in the state register. The organization, which is responsible for both registration and issuance of data, is called Rosreestr. Do not think that the cadastral number of an apartment or any other real estate object is a simple set of random numbers. The combination of numbers in the room has a certain value. To which region or district belongs the property, we will be told two figures, which are listed first in the room.

How to find out the cadastral number of the apartment?

How can you find out this numerical code? In such cases, one of the following two methods is used:

  • Apply to Rosreestr personally;
  • Use the official website of Rosreestr.

Let's consider these methods in more detail.

Applying to Rosreestr

How to find out the cadastral number of the apartment through Rosreestr? To do this, all documentation for the apartment will be required. The service is chargeable, so you will have to pay a state fee, the amount of which is 300 rubles. First a statement is written. After that, the pre-collected documents are transferred to the cadastral chamber. A week later, a qualified answer is given.

If you want to know the cadastral number at the apartment address in this way, then pay attention to the features when preparing and photocopying the package of documents. So, regarding the passport: photocopies of a reversal from a photo and a page with a residence permit are made. It is also necessary to provide originals and photocopies of all documents proving that you are the owner of the property (certificate, gift contract and other official papers).

Do you have a cadastral plan, a passport? They also need to be provided to the cadastral chamber. Ask the experts for a template to prepare your application. The document is presented on an A4 sheet, it can be printed on a computer, and can be filled by hand, but the handwriting should be legible. In addition to all documents, it is necessary to attach proof of payment of state duty.

Through the website of Rosreestra

You can also find out the cadastral number of the apartment on-line at the website of Rosreestra. When ordering a cadastral number via the specified Internet portal, we perform the following actions:

  • Register on the above site;
  • Set the phrase "cadastral number" in the search;
  • We find in the list the necessary service;
  • The site offers to fill in the questionnaire - we fulfill the requirement;
  • On the electronic form we fill out the application;
  • Send a service request;
  • We expect, when the e-mail message comes with a confirmation of acceptance of the application for work.

It is important to note that when you book a room through the site, the waiting time will be ten days, unlike the previous method, where you should expect a response about a week. The advantage of this method is that you will be notified via e-mail about the stages of promotion of your application.

How to find out the cadastral number at the apartment address?

If you are in a situation where the number is urgently needed, and the time is limited, your computer will be an assistant with Internet access. Since 2012, the Chamber has been practicing cadastral numbers through a computer network. It will take a few minutes.

So, how to find the cadastral number at the address of the apartment, using the possibilities of the Internet:

  • Write the phrase "cadastral map" in the browser search bar;
  • A link is proposed - we go over it;
  • In the search box indicate the subject, the city;
  • Set the desired address;
  • An object is offered on the map - we point the cursor at it;
  • From the list of listed apartments we click the cursor on the number of our apartment;
  • That's all - on the screen you should see the cadastral number.

This way of obtaining information is easy enough, and, importantly, very fast.

Thus, the cadastral number of the apartment can be obtained in various ways: both in personal treatment with Rosreestr, and through the Internet. At first it may seem like a laborious and time consuming process. In fact, using the current capabilities mentioned above, the time-consuming costs for solving your problems will be minimal.

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