Herbalife products: negative reviews

Herbalife Company has been presenting its products on the health products market for 30 years. The main focus of the company on the implementation of funds that contribute to weight loss. The manufacturer assures that all Herbalife products are absolutely safe and very effective. Negative feedback from consumers about it suggests the opposite. Let's try to figure out what does not suit buyers in products of this type.

Herbalife products

It should be noted that the number of products offered by this company today is huge. This is a variety of protein shakes (food substitutes), and nutritional bars for weight control, and multivitamin complexes, and whole programs for getting rid of extra pounds, consisting of ready-made low-calorie meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, there are protein mixtures in the form of powder, which can be added to soups, yoghurts, sauces in order to increase the feeling of satiety after eating. Plus, Herbalife's product catalog for weight loss includes a variety of nutritional supplements that help reduce appetite. A whole series of products for skin and hair care has become another new direction of this company.

Lack of production number 1. Cost

The first and very weighty minus of the goods of this company is their high cost. For example, a weight loss program called "Fast Start", consisting of 4 products, costs slightly less than 4000 rubles. This is 2 times more expensive than a similar set of another manufacturer. Packing of protein bars in the amount of 14 pieces is sold at a price of about 700 rubles. It is easy to calculate that each of them costs 50 rubles. While a similar product in the pharmacy can be bought for 20-30 rubles. Thus, the high price is one of the biggest drawbacks of the Herbalife products. Negative feedback from consumers of this product indicates its high cost. People are not ready to pay extra money for advertising and the allegedly promoted brand of this company.

Lack of products No. 2. Security

The lack of complete information about the safety of goods and the absence of large clinical studies is the next big minus of Herbalife products. Negative reviews of it say that many consumers are confused by the fact that the products of this company were banned for sale in Sweden and some other European countries. Despite the fact that the manufacturer claims that, for example, a slimming cocktail called "Formula 1" was tested in the Russian Academy of Medical Science, where it proved to be very effective in combating obesity, other products did not participate in such studies. And this means that their safety and effectiveness are not proven clinically.

Lack of production No. 3. Composition

The presence of hazardous and harmful substances in the composition of goods is the third significant negative of the products of the company Herbalife. Reviews negative about her say that this organization adds to its seemingly harmless dietary supplements and cocktails components such as amphetamines, which, in fact, are artificial analogues of drugs. Initially, they were used in various ways to suppress appetite and improve the tone. But it should be noted that these substances have a destructive effect on virtually all vital human systems, namely the brain, the gastrointestinal tract, etc. Is it worth it to risk your health for the illusory hope of losing a few extra pounds?

We examined some of the most serious drawbacks of Herbalife products. Negative feedback about it is available in large numbers. And this means that you should not trust your health with the goods of this organization.

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