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Half-Life - passing one of the best games

In principle, this article is devoted to the second part of the game, but we can not say a few words about its predecessor. All the action takes place in a top-secret laboratory, located deep underground. The protagonist, Gorodon Freeman, is one of the employees of an organization specializing in a variety of technologies for moving in space. During one of these experiments, a malfunction occurs and a portal opens, splashing out a whole crowd of aliens. It's clear that they are not going to puff balls and jump into classics. It is necessary to survive among this chaos that reigns in the vastness of the whole complex. At the end of Gordon waiting for a fight with the boss, after which he will be offered a choice: to die or work for some secret character under the pseudonym G-man. It is he who saves the main character (if the choice was made this way). These are the main events of Half-Life. The passage of the second part implies that the user made a choice in favor of life at the end of the previous game.

New environment

After the Black Mass (secret lab) Gordon still gets out on the surface at the beginning of the second part of Half-Life. The passage of the first episode will take place on the streets of City 17, in which, like in others, the power of the monarch is established - a certain gray-haired uncle, constantly appearing on huge plasmas. In his sermons, he urges people not to resist, to behave obediently and not to make noise. Naturally, his words are indifferent to us, and therefore we will wreak havoc! So, this herald, Bryn, once headed the entire scientific complex, in which Gordon worked in the first part of Half-Life. The passage of the second is its logical continuation. Now, some big organization, the Alliance, ruthlessly capturing the planet for its own mercenary purposes, sent down part of its troops to Earth and took humanity under control. Breen was entrusted with leading all the earthly processes. In the process, we will need to contact the remnants of the resistance army, which will help us to achieve our main goal - to overthrow the ruthless monarch and his government. Among other things, on the planet there are portal storms, systematically teleporting a fair portion of newcomers to the interactive world of Half-Life 2. Passing the game will throw Gordon in different places, from cities to spacious fields and creepy caves. Species variety of monsters will not give you boring throughout the game.

Original innovation

Passage of the game Half-Life 2 is in many ways interesting by its physical engine, which largely colorizes the gameplay, adding a lot of new features. So, in some missions it will be necessary to solve the physical puzzle to go further on the plot. Also, this innovation largely influences Gordon's arsenal. With the help of a gravitational gun, you can draw to yourself various objects of the game space Half-Life, the passage of which will take several days, and throw them into your opponents. In general, the game turned out to be quite original and dynamic, with an interesting plot and huge opportunities.

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