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Full Characteristics of Aquarius-Women

Aquarius-woman is a mystery both for herself and for others. Freedom-loving, with personality, intelligent and dreamy - this lady is different from any other that you have ever encountered.

Characteristics of Aquarius-Women

There are some traits of the representatives of this sign that can give out their belonging to the constellation of Aquarius. For example, unpredictability. Even people closest to her can not always guess who she really is. It can lead a way of life that seems beyond understanding in the understanding of others. It can emerge with such an unusual and revolutionary idea that will confuse many people and confound them. Characteristics of the sign of the zodiac Aquarius-woman allows us to say that she is inclined to freedom and appreciates her above all else. And anyone who dares to limit this woman at least in some way, runs the risk of losing her right away. This deadly combination of unpredictability and freedom can make her commit one of the most crazy acts in life.

Intellectual Characteristics of Aquarius-Women

Sometimes it may seem detached, diffused and even confusing, but in fact it's all fake - it's very smart. Despite the fact that she may miss some details, the event that left a trace in the soul will necessarily be reproduced in memory in the smallest detail. What else will the characteristic of Aquarius say? This woman is the strongest of all signs. Probably, this is one of the reasons for her loneliness. She takes care of herself better than somebody else can.

Characteristics of Aquarius-Women in Love

In amorous affairs, it acts as unpredictably as in any other sphere. It can be true and honest, or it can suddenly become dispassionate and detached. This allows us to remain in a purely platonic relationship for many years. Indeed, passion is not its strength, it lacks the fuse that is so important in a romantic relationship. She is in search of a partner who will be able to mentally stimulate her, honest and courageous, able to stand up for herself. She is not at all interested in material prosperity, the feeling of mercantile spirit is simply unfamiliar to her.

Characteristics of Aquarius-women. Compatibility

Freedom-loving Aquarius woman, being an air sign, is best at converging with other representatives of Air, that is, with Gemini and Libra. Also find a common language with Aries and Sagittarius, representatives of the elements of Fire. With Libra, an intellectual union, which can be reflected in a long, strong friendship, is especially fruitful. Aries will become an excellent partner in terms of passion. Sagittarius entices the unpredictability of this woman, they together sign up for adventures. With Gemini, you can conduct long productive conversations, topics for which will never be exhausted. A woman's Aquarius is the most calm, provided that the people around her are sympathetic to all oddities and needs. It is full of surprises, it is an incorrigible intellectual and adventurer.

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