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Fishing secrets: silicone bait

To date, silicone bait for predator fishing has already thoroughly settled in the fishing box of any spinning. This type of bait is one of the most popular and in no way inferior to the rotating spoon-bait and wobblers. And sometimes even surpasses them in efficiency. The field of application of silicone bait is practically unlimited. Due to the huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors, it can be used both in turbid waters of small ponds and in flowing in large flowing water bodies. This type of bait is used even in sea trolling.

So, modern silicone bait is adapted to different fishing conditions. Its structure and color design is not random, all characteristics are precisely aimed at catching specific predators in certain water bodies. That's why there is such a variety of these baits in the market of fishing gear. The beginner of spinning fishing is very easy to get confused when choosing this tackle. All silicone baits are divided into several types, the most popular of them - vibrotails and twisters.

Vibrotail is a silicone bait, the most popular and easily recognizable even among beginners. The overwhelming majority of fishermen-spinners give it preference only because of the external similarity with the real small fish. But this, rather, acts on people's consciousness, and not on fish. In fact, the visual similarity with the fry for a predator, be it pike perch, perch or pike, is not at all a determining factor. Fish first hears the movement of prey, and only then, as a rule, at the last moment before the attack sees it. Such a silicone bait, like a vibrotail, is effective when fishing for spinning, not because it has a similarity to the upper or a duckbill, but because of the peculiarity of its game during wiring. But this tackle has one significant drawback - it sails with casting. That is why such a bait is not recommended where there is a need for long casts, and it does not behave very well on the current.

Other silicone baits for fishing - twisters, in contrast, only contribute to the casting distance. Like vibro tails, they have a different shape, length and color. Of all the variety of these baits, each angler can collect for himself a small collection according to his taste and preference. You can assemble a set for various fishing conditions, for example, for rivers with a pronounced current or for small lakes with dark water.

Most of the spinning fishermen, choosing for themselves twisters or vibros, first of all pay attention to the material itself. There is an opinion that the best - those that are made of soft silicone. But this is an erroneous statement. First of all, the catching conditions in which they will be used are taken into account. Soft lures are undoubtedly very plastic, they are convenient for casting, but during wiring there are big problems. Immediately we can say that they are effective only in stagnant water. For the current, only baits from dense silicone are taken, the soft ones will not just work badly, but even drive away the fish. All this should be paid attention, choosing silicone baits. Feedback from experienced fishermen also does not interfere, the degree of effectiveness of tackle can be learned only by experiment, so it is not out of place to listen to professionals.

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