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Face Lift

Facelift in the classical sense is a very complex operation and involves deep surgical intervention and a prolonged recovery period. But there are alternatives. Facing the face with threads is a much more gentle procedure, which involves placing under the skin special biocompatible threads, with which you can make the movement of tissues and fix them in a new position. This procedure is much less traumatic than surgical, it does not involve the use of large incisions, flaking of the skin and is characterized by a fairly short recovery period.

Face-lift : indications

Usually this procedure is recommended for patients, whose age is thirty-forty years, but it can be performed at an earlier age, when signs of aging become noticeable. This type of lifting allows you to get rid of creases and wrinkles, returning to the place the skin, which starts to hang a little.

Face Lift: Types

There are several of its types, which are very often confused. However, they differ greatly in the principle of action. Non-surgical face lifting by gold threads is often called reinforcement. It is performed on an outpatient basis, it needs no more than an hour of time. This type of lifting is inherently more like rejuvenation by injection, rather than a classical lift. With the help of special tools, the fine threads that are made of the highest grade gold are inserted under the skin. When the body detects such a foreign body, it triggers protective mechanisms, enhancing the production of elastin and collagen, and also increasing blood flow around the sections treated with threads. This allows you to enrich the skin with important nutrients, which makes it more elastic, elastic, provides the required effect of braces. In three or four months, the result will manifest itself to the full, and the effect will persist for five to ten years, and sometimes more. It all depends on the characteristics of the human body.

Facelift Aptos

The procedure with Aptos filaments is a real suspender, which involves the movement of tissues to a new position. This procedure involves placing strands of polypropylene in soft tissue using small incisions. Through the entire length of these filaments there are microscopic incisions, with the help of which the skin shifts and fixes the skin in the required position. Lifting of Aptos threads is carried out under compulsory local anesthesia, the duration of the procedure is an hour and a half. Immediately after it, you can estimate the initial result, and after fifteen or twenty days - the final result. During this period it is required to refrain from active chewing and mimic movements, and also to make minimal physical impact on the facial tissues. The effect of this procedure is usually maintained for two to three years.

Silhouette Lift

Just a couple of years ago, this technology appeared in Russia. It has already gained popularity not only among surgeons, but also customers. It is inherently close to a pull-up by means of Aptos filaments, but in this case the role of fixators is performed not by incisions, but by microcones. These cones, after a short time after the operation, dissolve, being replaced by a connective tissue, and this allows for a much more reliable fixation. The operation itself is performed under general or local anesthesia, its duration is approximately 45 minutes. The threads are inserted through a small incision in the scalp, fixed in the subcutaneous layer. From such a brace, the effect persists for four to six years.

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