Electrified hair? The problem is solved!

The problem of electrified hair is probably familiar to every woman. What to do, when a few minutes before leaving the house on your head appears an unexpected "dandelion"?


First, you need to understand why the hair is electrified. As a rule, this happens in most cases in winter, when they are drained and dehydrated. This is due to the fact that sudden changes in temperature adversely affect the condition of the scalp, which leads to the fact that the hair is electrified. Also, the appearance of a "dandelion" can talk about a cuticle.

Hair is divided into 2 parts: the outer - the core, and the inner - the root. The outer part is covered on top by the cuticle, which consists of a large number of cells.

To accurately understand the structure, you can imagine a bump: if the hair is electrified, the scales stick out in different directions - the hair is damaged.

If the curls are smooth, then the scales fit tightly to each other.

Also, the problem of electrified hair may be affected by sunlight, wind, chemical wave, the use of ironing, hair dryers, plaques.

Methods to combat electrization of hair

As mentioned above, hair is electrified for various reasons. But all these reasons unite the common ways to combat the emergence of a "dandelion." First, you need to choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Here you need to immediately decide what is missing if the hair is electrified. If moisturizing, then the series should be moisturizing, if nutrition, then nutrient. It is important to choose makeup for the hair of one series, only then the effect will be maximum. Secondly, you need to stock up indelibly, which will help to veil and "solder" scales from the outside. Such means include sprays, serums, liquid silk or hair fluids. It is important to understand that serums and sprays affect the structure only from the outside, so that a complete cure for them should not be expected. Thirdly, as often as possible you need to visit a hairdresser. It is very good, if the hairdresser works for a long time and knows all the subtleties. A good specialist will advise biolamination - this is such a procedure, during which each hair is covered with a kind of thin film, which protects its internal stiff.

Fans of folk remedies also will not remain without a way of solving the problem. Firstly, these are oil masks: heated oil (burdock, castor, almond) should be applied to the roots of clean dry hair and spread along the entire length. It is best to leave the mask for the night. Secondly, it is a modern popular method of aroma-combing: on a natural comb you need to drip 4 drops of essential oil (the best are ylang-ylang, lavender, orange, eucalyptus) and comb your hair for at least 3 minutes.

It is worth noting that if the hair is electrified, then the comb should be chosen natural, so that it does not spoil the hair shaft. Therefore, the use of cheap plastic and iron combs is unacceptable. If hair is electrified at work, at school or at some event, then it is necessary to wear antistatic wipes with you. They need to wipe the comb.

Thus, the "dandelion" appears due to the influence of various factors, whether it is weather conditions, external radiation or a lack of vitamins. But it is possible and necessary to combat this - the most effective ways are listed above.

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