Dresses from satin - outfit out of time

Atlas is a material that is timeless. Young ladies wore satin ball dresses for betrothal two hundred years ago, ladies of our time with pleasure wear satin dresses in everyday life. The uniqueness of this material is that it can be used in clothes for every day or for an evening out - you just need to choose the right model and color. Fortunately, the choice in modern women is huge: short and long, tight and free, strict closed and with an open neckline. Dresses from satin for each day have no restrictions on color and pattern. They can differ in bright prints, geometric patterns, bright colors. Evening dresses made of satin are traditionally associated with black or red. Although in recent years, more and more popular are golden and silver colors in evening dresses. Designers come up with all new models, decorate them with embroidery, beads, paillettes, ruches. Ladies can now appear in a closed elegant dress with sleeves, they can emphasize their individuality by choosing asymmetrical dresses from satin, they can accent people around on a seductive chest or slender legs if they prefer an outfit with a deep neckline or bold cuts.

An alternative to evening dresses for more than a decade is a cocktail dress. It is not as binding as an evening dress, and not as common as a daily toilet. It can be worn at a party, in a restaurant or at an official event (of course, if it is not too short).

Designers and wedding fashion did not pass by. Wedding dresses from satin emphasize the elegance and charm of the bride. In this outfit, any girl will be the queen on her wedding day. At the end of the XIX century, a work of art was built from a satin wedding dress , adorned with hand-embroidered gold threads and pearls.

Such different everyday, evening, cocktail dresses from the atlas combine the exquisite qualities of the material. It's like flowing through the body, favorably shading all the most tempting and sexy places. But, despite all the advantages, dresses made of satin have a significant disadvantage - they are contraindicated to full ladies. Due to the structure of the fabric, these outfits reflect light and visually increase the already large parts of the body. And if the breast from this will only gain more attraction, then the protruding tummy can spoil the whole picture. If there are no problems with the figure, then there are no restrictions in choosing a brilliant outfit. You can safely put on any dress, complement it with modest, discreet or bright screaming accessories and always be on top.

Atlas is a very delicate material and needs care. Wash clothes from it manually at a temperature of not more than 30 degrees. It can not be squeezed and generally apply a strong mechanical effect when washing. To keep the dress color bright, rinse it should be in cold water with the addition of vinegar. With proper care, a satin dress will always please its owner, attracting her admiring looks of men.

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