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Do you know how to make mulled wine at home?

In Europe, mulled wine has long been considered a holiday drink decorating the New Year and Christmas table. Recently, in our country, the use of this hot wine is especially popular on cold winter days. The magic properties of mulled wine are warmth that warms the soul and body, it does not discomfort our physical state, does not burn hands, lips. A stupefying aroma surrounds us with warmth, comfort and enigmatic magic. It is for these reasons that people around the world appreciate the opportunity on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve to spend time in tranquility and seclusion at the melted heat that warms us with its warmth with a glass of delicious mulled wine in his hand.

Many of us are fond of making our own home wine and, for sure, many already know how to cook mulled wine at home. This is not a very complicated process. For those who have tried to make at least some wine or wine drink, mulled wine can not be made easy.

Let's find out how to cook mulled wine! For this we will need semisweet red wine. You can take not the most expensive: to make mulled wine, based on expensive wine grades, not in the tradition of wine lovers. The next ingredient is pure drinking water. It will need about 150-200 milliliters. Also need sugar and various spices - cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, bay leaf, black pepper. The more variety of spices used, the more space in experiments with taste. And as additional flavor and flavor additives it is customary to use nuts, finely chopped pieces of berries and fruits: oranges, lemons, apples and much more.

Someone can say that there is nothing easier than to cook mulled wine at home - mix everything you need and drink ready. It's true. But nevertheless there are some subtleties, which must be taken into account. With a frivolous attitude to the matter, it is possible that something will work out, but it will be difficult to achieve a special taste or a delicate aroma. Most likely, this drink, cooked carelessly and hastily, will be like a normal compote. So what do professionals advise us, how to cook mulled wine at home properly and with good sense?

In a simple process of mulled wine preparation, a strict sequence of actions is necessary and no improvisational moments are welcomed.

Let's get started. First you need to warm up the water and spices in some convenient dishes. It does not take a lot of time for this, only one or two minutes is enough. After heating, we give the basis to settle for about ten minutes so that the spices and herbs can convey all of their aromas and taste qualities to the decoction. This is a very important procedure, requiring patience and attention.

While the fragrant spices reach their readiness, we pour out a bottle of red semisweet wine into the prepared glass fireproof dish. After the wine warms up and becomes warm, we pour into it the basis - a decoction of herbs and spices. Then add sugar to taste and carefully mix everything. At the last minute, the remaining prepared ingredients are added. Further - the most important, responsible thing - to ensure that mulled wine does not reach the boil. This in any case should not be allowed, and then the drink will be irreparably spoiled. 70 degrees Celsius - this is the ideal temperature of our drink. After it is heated to the desired temperature, remove it from the heat and strain through gauze or a strainer to make the mulled wine light, clear and without sediment.

So we've shared with you the secret of how to cook mulled wine at home. Success in the work of winemaking! We wish you warmth and comfort in your home.

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