Difficult choice: laser mouse or optical?

It would seem that a computer mouse is not the most important component of the whole computer, but no, without it, work for a PC turns into a very difficult, not a fun experience. World brands A4Tech, Logitech, Defender are constantly fighting with each other for creating the best computer mouse in the world. That is why for the moment different kinds of computer mice constantly undergo changes for the better. If you constantly monitor all the novelties on the market of computer mice, and at the same time buy, at least one of the latest models, you can simply remain without money.

For sure, many of you remember the first mice that recognized movements and coordinates thanks to the rubber bulb inside. All the old is always replaced with a new one, which is why nowadays it is less and less often remembered about mechanical manipulators. Optical mouse came to replace the mechanical, incorporating all of its best qualities. However, few years have passed, and the laser mouse, the latest development of various companies producing input devices, has already knocked on the door.

The main choice: a laser mouse or optical?

While the guys from A4Tech have not yet come up with a new best principle of recognizing the coordinates with the mouse, every user of a computer, laptop or netbook has a choice: a laser mouse or an optical one. That is why it is necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the laser and optical mouse, in order to subsequently not have any difficulties in using one of the presented options.

Undoubtedly, the computer mouse, in addition to driving the cursor on the screen, has two important features - accuracy and speed. These words will be confirmed by any professional gamer. In the race for the accuracy of a mechanical manipulator there is no chance in dealing with new input devices. Therefore, whether it is a laser mouse or optical, they are far gone in the race for accuracy from a mechanical mouse.

The principle of operation of both types of mice is the same: the sensor removes the photo of the surface, and the chip inside the mouse analyzes this photo and determines the coordinates. When optical, as well as laser mouse, works, the surface from below the manipulator is highlighted. This is done for a better and more accurate image, which will make a special reading element, that's only in the optical mouse the LEDs work, while in the laser directly the laser. By the way, the laser better illuminates the surface being read, which means that the image quality of the image is much clearer than that of the LED. The laser mouse is more precise than the optical one, because the laser is several times more accurate than the LED and does not distort the read image. This is the so-called small difference between a laser mouse and an optical mouse.

However, in addition to accuracy in a good manipulator, resolution and speed are very important. Resolution is measured in units that are called dpi (in Russian - in dots per inch). Again, the laser mouse has a resolution of up to two thousand, while the optical mouse can boast of only one thousand two hundred points per inch. In truth, the most suitable and convenient extension for pleasant mouse handling is eight hundred dots per inch, but computer manufacturers of computer manipulators simply use these indicators as a small marketing move. If you want, the resolution of the mouse can be adjusted in the control panel, and then you personally feel all the pros and cons of the high resolution of the manipulator.

Optical mice are available in two PS / 2 and USB interfaces, while laser ones are only equipped with a USB interface. USB technology is more narrow-profile, and the data transfer speed can be less than PS / 2. Therefore, the cursor will move around the screen not so smoothly.

Now that you have become more familiar with the input devices, try to determine whether the laser mouse or optical is the best for you, and be sure to try both.

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