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Dairy snake - amazing beauty

A snake is a reptile, which is very easy to keep in captivity, so it is often found in terrariums - both at home and in zoos. At the bottom of the terrarium, it is best to put moss, sawdust, coconut shavings. Since these snakes love water and prefer wet places, having a swimming pool for them is a must. This snake is not poisonous, not aggressive, with a very bright and beautiful, memorable color. In length it reaches almost half a meter. In nature it is common on the east coast of North America.

An Amazing Title

When you see this bright representative of the family of the Uniforms, the question arises involuntarily: "Why exactly is the milk snake?" The name is such according to the legend, which says that when the cattle lost milk, farmers often blamed these beautiful innocuous creatures . It was believed that they allegedly sucked milk from the cows. However, it is noteworthy that snakes do not have a top sky, and they do not know how to suck anything. In addition, they completely lack an enzyme that processes milk. So this myth is not backed up by scientific facts. In nature, dairy snakes eat mainly lizards, small animals, birds. Under conditions of bondage, they do not refuse mice or lizards, and especially large individuals even eat chickens. However, in food they are moderate, and for a week they usually have two or three similar feedings.

The most common species that lives in the homes of fans of terrariums, is Campbell's dairy snake. Its length is approximately 90 centimeters. In nature, it lives in Mexico. She spends a lot of time in the water and prefers to lead a nocturnal life. Appearance of the snake is extremely remarkable and bright. It has a bright orange color with black, white, yellow, red. He lives about ten years. The females of these snakes mature later than the males, about the third year of life. The species is oviparous. In one masonry, which occurs in nature once a year, there are up to 12 eggs.

This dairy snake on the market today is in the range of 3 to 6 thousand rubles. To the hands, as a rule, gets used well. You can keep it in a terrarium measuring about half a cubic meter per individual. The temperature should be maintained at around +32 degrees during the day, +24 degrees at night and 75 percent humidity. If you have several similar snakes, then it is recommended to keep them one by one. In captivity, they also multiply perfectly, so the female and male can be planted in the spring. When preparing snakes for reproduction, you should carefully consider their diet and diversify it.

Royal milk snake, as well as dairy, is a representative of the genus Lampropeltis. There are cases when she ate a rattlesnake. The ordinary royal snake is not large and calm. Often it is kept on sandy substrates.

Dairy snake Honduras

It can reach almost one meter in length. Contain it should be in the terrarium, which is shaded and has half the open space. This species belongs to the forest.

These snakes are so beautiful and attractive that they will decorate and revive your terrarium.

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