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Cunning and crafty bear! How to deal with it - find out from our article!

The bear is a very large insect. It is brown. Something like a river cancer: its digging forepaws look like its claws, and the entire front part of the trunk - on the cephalothorax. Because of this extraordinary similarity, she was nicknamed an earth cancer. Who is this bear, how to deal with it - we learn from our article.

Be careful, wrecker!

There is a bear in damp places, in soil rich in humus, and in hotbeds. This greedy insect, without a twinge of conscience, damages carrots, beets, cabbage, cucumbers, potatoes and other crops needed by man. How does she do it? Very simple! The bear with its larvae simply gnaws stems and roots in the soil, and also eat potato tubers, swollen seeds and root crops.

Insidious little bear. How to deal with it?

If you have a terrible insect in the dacha, then prepare yourself for a time-consuming struggle with it! "Fighting" with a bear is not so easy. In addition, the damage caused by these insects, just amazing its scale! She is such a bear!

How to deal with it:

  1. You can do manual fishing. Catch the bear, followed by some deep dishes, which you need to dig at one level with the ground. Fill it with water 8 cm from the edges - and that's it. In a single night, several bears fall into the trap.
  2. There is another effective way of how to deal with the bear. In the spring, when the snow comes down, spread a few pieces of plywood all over the country plot. This is a kind of "beach" for the pest. The fact is that on sunny days insects crawl out of their underground burrows, climb under this plywood and so they bask under it. In the afternoon, arm yourself with a bucket of water and walk through your possessions to collect these pests. You will be pleasantly surprised by your "catch".
  3. When planting seedlings, add eggshells, previously shredded, into the holes. The fact is that the sharpened splinters do not allow the bear to fully regale its roots.

Miracle device, which is afraid of a bear. How to fight?

Photo number three clearly demonstrates to you an innovative method of combating this pest. Yes, friends, this is the most common electronic repeller of bears and earthen mammals! This device is powered by solar panels.

The principle of its action is uncomplicated: the device is half buried in the soil, and then - even easier. The vibrating low-frequency sound is transmitted to the ground at intervals of 30 seconds, scouring all the living creatures that live there: earth mice, ground squirrels, voles, moles and, of course, marets! The range of this miracle device covers a distance of 650 square meters!

In addition, the electronic repeller is equipped with a waterproof casing, which makes it simply irreplaceable in the difficult struggle with these pests!

And finally

So, friends, in the framework of this article, we learned what kind of beast this is - a bear, how to fight it and, most importantly, why! Remember: if you do not take any measures, your garden will turn into a usual wasteland.

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