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Constant nausea.

Nausea is a reflex provided by nature to protect the body, and is not amenable to conscious control. There is a feeling in the acute need to snatch, which, in the subsequent, often happens. The feeling of nausea is directed, first of all, to cleaning the digestive organs from substances harmful to the body, even if such substances enter the blood and not from the intestine. Constant nausea can result from any specific odors, flavors and other factors.

Constant nausea is caused by a special nerve center located in the brain stem. Receptors of the digestive tract give this center signals that trigger a gag reflex.

Constant nausea, the causes of which are most often associated with diseases of the digestive tract, may be a symptom of various other diseases of the digestive system.

For example, gastroenteritis, manifested in the form of inflammation of the intestine or stomach and leading to food poisoning due to spoiled food, dirty water. Constant nausea is accompanied by diarrhea, weakness, pain in the abdomen, a slight increase in temperature. In such cases, frequent nausea gradually turns into vomiting and brings relief to the patient.

Gastric ulcer, gastritis are diseases of the digestive organs of long-acting. In this case, persistent nausea is the main symptom of these diseases and occurs when the disease worsens. At the same time, heartburn and stomach pain may occur.

Diseases of the liver and gallbladder also cause nausea and other manifestations in the form of bitterness in the mouth, darkening of urine, fecal decolorization, biliary colic, jaundice.

Acute appendicitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, intestinal obstruction, as a rule, are characterized by severe attacks of nausea, severe pain in the abdomen, a general sharp deterioration in the patient's well-being.

The narrowing of the lumen of the pylorus of the stomach or esophagus very often leads to a feeling of nausea after eating. And because of the strengthening of constriction, nausea can also increase.

With tumors of the intestine or stomach, nausea occurs at a late stage, when the tumor closes the entire intestinal lumen.

Because nausea is caused by one of the centers of the brain, it can be a manifestation of certain diseases of the nervous system.

With brain tumors, an increase in intracranial pressure is often observed, accompanied by increased pressure of the spinal cord fluid and compression of the brain itself. In this case, nausea appears in the morning. With a sharp increase in intracranial pressure during craniocerebral injuries, bruises, brain edema, nausea can be replaced by severe vomiting, along with loss of consciousness.

Diseases caused by infection (meningitis, syphilis or AIDS) are also characterized by the manifestation of nausea. And vomiting and nausea are the first signs of meningitis.

An ailment can also occur if the vestibular apparatus is disturbed, as a result of seasickness or motion sickness. He is accompanied by a loss of balance, pronounced dizziness, especially with a sharp change in the position of the head and body.

A special manifestation of the headache is a migraine that occurs in so many people. On a background of a headache there is a strong nausea, often passing in a vomiting. The patient does not tolerate noise and light. Migraine attacks occur during periods and are provoked, mainly by strong smells, cheese, chocolate, wine and other products.

If you have symptoms similar to migraines, you should urgently be examined by a neurologist. Because, perhaps, something serious happens in the head, what needs to be identified and try to eliminate.

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