Faulty washing machine. Possible malfunctions of the washing machine

The washing machine has a habit of failing. Often the owner does not know what is the cause of the breakdown, and quickly grabs the phone to call the master. In principle, everything is true. But the problem may not be so great, and it will be quite possible to eliminate it with our own efforts. But in order not to aggravate the situation, it is necessary to know exactly what to repair. So, the theme of our today's conversation is "Faulty washing machine". We will discuss the main reasons for the failure of the unit and how to fix the failures.

Common Problems

About 90% of washing machines break down due to their illiterate installation or improper operation.

As a rule, mistresses complain of such problems:

  • Clogging of the drain system;
  • Overload of the drum;
  • The machine does not turn on;
  • Water does not heat up;
  • Problems with filling water in the car;
  • Strong vibration or extraneous sounds;
  • Torn handles and other factors.

More often in the repair shop comes the technique with a clogged drainage system. And all because there are small foreign objects that we forget or simply do not consider it necessary to remove from the pockets of dirty clothes. They represent a serious danger for the machinery: they damage the tank, the pump and other elements. To remove them, you often have to disassemble the unit.

In category "Possible malfunctions of the washing machine" often torn off handles. This is due to the fact that the hatch of the washing machine is equipped with a locking system. This unit is removed after 3 minutes after the end of the machine. But some people persistently do not want to remember this fact and make every effort to open the door, as a result of which they tear off the pen.

No less frequent faults occur due to problems with the cord or socket.

Troubleshooting methods

Owners of this type of equipment must know what actions to take in the event of a particular failure. And it does not matter which brand you have the unit - LG, Indesit, Bosch, washing machine "Samsung" ... The malfunctions of different models are of a general nature. So, let's analyze the most common ones.

  • Problem : the machine does not drain the water.

Reason : blockage of the drainage system.

What to do : contact the master.

  • Problem : the technique does not heat the water.

Cause : the heating element is blown.

What to do : call the wizard.

  • Problem : The machine does not turn on.

Cause : failure of the button, socket or mains filter; The functioning of the hatch locking device has been disrupted; The unit control unit has failed.

What to do : check the outlet with a tester or other device; If it is working, it is necessary to contact the workshop.

  • Problem : the operation of the technique is accompanied by extraneous sounds.

Reason : getting into the drum of foreign objects.

What to do : inspect the drum and remove solid objects; If this can not be done on your own, you will need the help of a specialist.

  • Problem : under the machine water is visible.

Reason : the tank is running, the filling / draining system is faulty, the hatch cuff is damaged.

What to do : contact the master.

  • Problem : the drum does not rotate.

Reason : the drive belt is broken; Problems with the engine or control system.

What to do : go to the workshop.

In addition to all of the above, a malfunction of the washing machine often arises because of its incorrect installation. The technics should be placed only on a flat surface and do not forget to remove the transportation bolts.

Samsung malfunctions

A washing machine of this brand may experience malfunctions that are characteristic of other manufacturers' products:

  • The drum rotates unevenly;
  • The heating elements break down;
  • There is water under the machine;
  • Rusts the case.

This list of problems can be expanded. But the firm "Samsung" produces washing equipment, which is equipped with an electronic scoreboard. The fault code of the washing machine is displayed on the screen. Knowing its designation, you can quickly identify the cause of the failure and take appropriate measures. So, what do we talk about on the scoreboard:

  • E 1 - error in the water inlet.
  • E 2 - error of draining the water.
  • E 3 - the tank is full of water.
  • DE, DOOR - the hatch door is open or loosely closed.
  • E 4 - imbalance of the laundry placed in the drum.
  • E 7 - the water level sensor is faulty.
  • E 8 - the water temperature does not correspond to the norm.
  • E 9 - water leakage.

Repair of washing machine "Samsung"

To reset the error code, the unit must be switched off and on again. When contacting the workshop, specialists should inform the error number, then they will advise how to eliminate the breakdown and quickly select the necessary spare parts for repair.

It should be noted that the washing machine "Samsung", the faults of which we described a little higher, are well remediable. And if it is properly operated, it rarely breaks. But if it's a nuisance, you have to eliminate it. Do not rush to call neighbor Vasya, who at least knows how to hold a screwdriver in his hands. Anyway, you will not need this tool. So, let's discuss what to do in case of a breakdown.

If there is an error E1, it is necessary to check the presence of water in the water pipe and the level of pressure. If this is not a problem, you need to contact a repair specialist.

Errors E 2, E 3 also require a survey of equipment by the master.

To eliminate the error DE, DOOR, you must re-close the hatch, or check the functioning of the hatch and electronic controller.

Error E 4 is eliminated by a uniform distribution of laundry in the drum, including an increase in its volume. If after this the machine still does not want to function, it is necessary to contact the specialists.

For errors E 7, E 8, E 9, the washing technique must be inspected by the master.

LG Troubleshooting

This brand has proved itself well, therefore in many houses it is possible to see the units of the mentioned manufacturer. But, like any technique, it can fail. The faults of the LG washing machine are typical:

  • Rattling caused by foreign objects entering the drum or pump.
  • Knocking (may indicate a large amount of loaded laundry).
  • Vibration (occurs due to installation of the equipment on an uneven surface or uneven distribution of laundry in the drum).
  • Leakage of water (observed due to clogging of drain pipes and poor connection of the hose with a tap or washing machine).
  • The drum does not rotate - the reason lies in the poorly closed door.
  • The machine does not turn on (maybe the water tap is blocked or the power cord is not plugged into the outlet).

Troubleshooting LG

The products of this company can have the same problems as the washing machine "Samsung". Its malfunctions can also be eliminated on their own in some cases. But more often all the same it is necessary to address for the help to experts. So, what do housewives usually complain about, and what to do in such situations?

If washing with LG technique results in excessive foam volume, the quantity of powder to be filled or the type of powder to be filled should be reduced.

When the water slowly enters the washing machine, this may indicate a lack of pressure. It should be checked if the tap is open and the water inlet hose is not squeezed.

Malfunctions of the LG washing machine are often associated with the problems of the drain pump filter. In order for the machine to last a long time, it is necessary to periodically check its condition. He can detain small items when washing clothes and even thread.

If the water from the machine goes too slowly, you need to check the drain hose and filter for clogging.

Problems of Zanussi

Washing machine "Zanussi", the malfunctions of which, as a rule, are associated with the natural wear of parts or hidden defects, rarely requires repair. No wonder the technique of this brand is included in the group of the most reliable equipment. But some breakages can be observed. The most common are:

  • Wear of bearings;
  • Filter clogging;
  • Stopping the intake of detergent powder ;
  • Shutdown in spontaneous mode;
  • A malfunction in the engine.

Often owners of equipment complain of incomplete discharge of water after the end of washing. This is due to plugging of the drain filter.


If the fault of the washing machine is caused by the clogging of the drain filter, it can be cleaned by yourself. When the blockage is eliminated, it is necessary to check the operability of the equipment. If the problem persists, pay attention to the winding of the drain pump and check the operation of the electronic controller.

But if the drive motor fails, then the specialist can not do without the help. Such failure occurs due to a short circuit on the control triac or as a result of the failure of the coil of the tachometer.

By the way, the washing machine "Zanussi" fault reveals using a self-diagnosis system. It allows you to automatically check the status of nodes, parts of equipment and displays an error code on the monitor screen.

Bosch: Common Problems

The technique of this brand is characterized by quality and convenience in use. The Bosch malfunction washing machine also shows on the electronic display. To know their cause and method of elimination, you need to remember what the error code means:

  • F01 / F16 is associated with a lockout fault.
  • F02 / F17 is the water supply problem.
  • F03 / F18 - malfunction of the drain system.
  • F04 - water leakage.
  • F19 / F22 - Heating element defective.
  • F20 - a problem with a temperature sensor or a TENA relay.
  • F21 - malfunctions in the engine.
  • F23 - problems in aquastope.
  • F25 - failure of the aquasensor.
  • F26 / F27 - malfunction of the pressure switch.
  • F28 / F29 is a problem with the water flow sensor.
  • F40 - a fault in the supply voltage.
  • F63 - breakage of the module.

Bosch owners often complain about such a malfunction of the washing machine, as a clogging of drain pipes. The cause of this breakdown is production defects and improper operation of machinery.

In case of any problem, it is better to seek help from the masters.

Main problems of Indesit

Washing machines of this manufacturer are very common and attract buyers by the availability of prices and spare parts. Branded equipment can last a long time under the conditions of its operation. However, mistresses often do not follow these rules, which leads to breakage of the unit. What can dishonor the washing machine Indesit? Malfunctions can be different, but most often its owners complain about such problems:

  • Failure of the control unit and other elements of the electronic system;
  • Leakage of the front hatch;
  • Wear of bearings and hermetic stuffing.

The elimination of the problem by one's own forces is impossible in such situations. Therefore it is better to turn to professionals.

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