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Alexei Mikhailovsky - "think tank" of the teleproject "Dom-2"

About this person is known exactly as much as he himself considers it necessary to tell about himself. Alexei Mikhailovsky is the producer of the most controversial show "Dom-2", which went down in history as the longest and most successful, because its format was sold to the American corporation SPTI for the first time for the existence of Russian television. For 12 years, he has remained behind the scenes of the daily air, recently started commenting on the events of telestroika and making his voice recognizable. Who is he and why is he considered to be the "brain" of the project?

Way to the show

The forty-seven-year-old producer Alexei Mikhailovsky, whose biography is closely connected with television, began his professional career more than 22 years ago. In the sphere of his interests there were information programs, as well as political PR. However, he ceased to deal with elections since 1999. Collaborated on the First with Alexander Lyubimov in the programs "Time" and "Here and Now", then moved to NTV at the invitation of the main producer of the television channel Sergei Shumakov. With his care his career ended. The whole year he was at home, not finding an application.

The incoming proposal from the director of the project "Dom-2" to create a certain system for the show was received with joy. On twenty sheets I described my concept, supported by the organizers, after which I started to work. From the first day, his wife Vasilina became the co-producer on the project, together with whom they brought up Maxim's son. Everything had to start from scratch: to search for the earth, to create a perimeter, to invent the rules of its work. The project was launched on the night of May 5, although the eleventh appeared on the air. The creative team considers the first date to be his birth. Fifteen participants, each of which will become megapopular in the country, step over the perimeter gates.

Long twelve years

Today, Alexei Mikhailovsky, "House-2" for which is part of life, often answers acute questions about the reasons for the popularity of the show. There are three points in his answers:

  • The project is constantly changing, there are no strict rules governing its functioning. It allows participants not only to build relationships, but also to find ways of creative self-expression. There was a period when the participants actively toured. Successful was the first concert on December 6, 2005 in the "Olympic". Since 2009, the "Train of Youth" has been operating, calling on the younger generation for social activity. The guys donated blood, fought bad habits. Since 2006, various contests have been used to create an atmosphere of competition.
  • The project can be regarded as a school of life, according to which everyone can compare their own decisions. Thanks to the openness of the participants, allowing themselves to broadcast emotions and emotions, people are able to conduct an audit of their relations, understanding what is right and what is not.
  • The project reveals the dynamics of the development of the participants themselves, so the former, who appear in a new capacity, are increasingly returning to the frontal. People who express discontent with this or that hero, in fact, do not agree with his actions and words, and, therefore, reflect and draw conclusions.

Alexei Mikhailovsky can not answer only one question - about when the television show closes. He does not understand why to do this, if it is watched by 35 million spectators. A new site has been built, the second one, in Seychelles, works in parallel, allowing one to check relations with established couples. In the asset project for 12 years, 7 children born, 16 weddings. The seventeenth can be considered a painting of Mikhailovsky himself.

Personal life

Four years on the project was Natalia Varvina, born in 1982, from the city of Volzhsky, and never built the relationship. Already in the perimeter, she graduated from high school in her native Volgograd. She could not build a relationship with her, but her charming girlfriend got acquainted with her. Together with Elena Bushina and Alexandra Kharitonova sang in the trio "The Witch of Austria", felt at the project as something too confident, and in May 2011 voluntarily left it. As it turned out, she left not to anywhere. First appeared at the birthday of Olga Buzovoy, accompanied by Alexei Mikhailovsky, and June 2, 2013 invited friends to the wedding with his already real husband. Alexey Mikhailovsky and Natalia Varvina registered the relationship, as it turned out, a year ago, did not advertise it in any way.

Vasilina Mikhailovskaya after the divorce continued to work on the project until 2014, without commenting on the situation. Varvina, who was appointed as a concert director, also found work there. For the decade of the show, the ex-wife still left the TV station, explaining this fact with moral fatigue.

Opinions of the participants about Mikhailovsky

The former participants' statements about the producer are diametrically opposed. May Abrikosov openly accused him of addiction to drugs, to which Alexei Mikhailovsky inclined and participants. Alessandro Materazzo openly announced the direction of the plot, according to which everything was done to quarrel with his future wife Svetlana Davydova. Tigran Salibekov left a tart comment on the message about the marriage of Mikhailovsky with Natalya Varvina.

There are also rave reviews, the author of one of them - Alexander Kharitonov, who believes that the producer played a significant role in her life. He made it more goal-oriented, helping to realize desires.

But all of them agree on one thing: two people are in charge of the project: the editor-in-chief Alexander Rastorguev and the producer Mikhailovsky, who are available 24 hours a day for mobile communication participants, take an active part in their lives, providing real help and support. And the fact that the project is changing, again and again raising the ratings, the great merit of the producer, who became for him a real "think tank".

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