Hotel Admiral 5 * (Bulgaria, Golden Sands): reviews of tourists

If you want to relax in a warm family atmosphere, pay attention to the Hotel Admiral 5 *. Bulgaria, Golden Sands is a European resort with a Slavic character. This feature attracts travelers from all over the world.

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Admiral 5 * hotel has a long and interesting history. Bulgaria, Golden Sands - a popular tourist destination, which has always been in demand. Until 2004 the hotel was called the "Motherland", and after reconstruction and re-branding it received its current name. The hotel is a beautiful 7-storey building, surrounded by a garden and numerous tourist infrastructure facilities.

The hotel Admiral 5 * (Bulgaria, Golden Sands) go not only for sea rest, but also then to improve their health. On the basis of the hotel there is a wellness center where you can get medical advice and go through many procedures. In addition, strengthening the body contributes to swimming in the pool, classes in the gym, as well as healing sea air and warm sun.

Hotel location

On the beachfront is the resort hotel Admiral 5 * (Bulgaria). Golden Sands, 9007 - the address of the resort. To get to the beach, you will have to pass no more than 30 meters. It is worth noting that the hotel is located in the heart of the resort, where most shops, entertainment centers and catering establishments are concentrated. In addition, the famous alley of artists runs right through the hotel grounds. The distance to the city of Varna is about 20 km.

Rooms of the hotel

If you want to relax in a cozy atmosphere, go to the hotel "Admiral". Bulgaria is a popular budget resort where you can find a decent accommodation option for a little money. This hotel offers the following room categories:

  • Standard double rooms are the most economical option of accommodation. There are two single beds, a desk, chairs and bedside tables. From your private balcony you can admire the park or the sea coast.
  • Studio apartments can accommodate up to 4 people. The main bed is a double bed with an orthopedic mattress. Additional guests can be accommodated on the sofa bed. The bedroom and living room areas are separated by a decorative partition.
  • For guests accustomed to luxury, there are apartments "lux". The bedroom with the original design is equipped with a king size bed, and the living room with designer soft furniture. Specifics of rooms in this category can be considered a panoramic sea view.

Equipment of guest rooms

Comfortable living conditions are offered to travelers by the resort hotel "Admiral". Bulgaria is a very hospitable and hospitable country. This is confirmed by a wide range of amenities in the hotel's apartments:

  • A fixed telephone that provides communication with the administration, restaurant, and also has access to the international line;
  • Radio, thanks to which you can listen to songs of local performers all day long;
  • TV can broadcast both satellite and cable channels;
  • Mini-bar, which is replenished on condition of additional payment (it can also be used instead of a refrigerator);
  • In the bathroom there is a hairdryer, thanks to which you can quickly dry your hair;
  • Individual air conditioning will make the microclimate in the room as comfortable as possible;
  • In your apartment you can use wi-fay;
  • Some rooms are equipped with wired internet.

Infrastructure objects of the hotel

Hotel "Admiral" (Bulgaria) can be compared with a small resort town, which is characterized by a developed infrastructure. On the territory you can use the following facilities:

  • An outdoor swimming pool with clean fresh water;
  • Own parking area, where each of the guests can leave their car;
  • An indoor swimming pool, which is filled with mineral water, and therefore swimming in it positively affects health;
  • Safe at the reception, which guests can use for an additional fee.


  • In the hotel you can undergo a medical examination and get advice about treatment in the wellness center;
  • A 24-hour shop with products, medicines and hygiene items is open on site;
  • When renting a car, you will not depend on the traffic of public transport;
  • Having visited a beauty salon, you can make a beautiful hairdress, a stylish manicure, and also undergo a number of cosmetic procedures;
  • You can buy local currency at a specialized point on the first floor of the hotel;
  • So that you can quickly reach the upper floors, equipped with three elevators;
  • In the main restaurant guests are provided full board (there is a special room for non-smokers);
  • In the bar you can try a lot of alcoholic and refreshing drinks;
  • In the souvenir shop you can buy lovely trinkets to commemorate your vacation;
  • Your business events can be held in the conference room (capacity - 120 people);
  • In the Internet cafe you can use stationary PCs and cable network;
  • Nightclub, where a disco is given daily.


A lot of opportunities for leisure activities are offered to travelers by the hotel Admiral 5 *. Golden Sands is a fairly conservative resort, yet here you will have a lot of entertainment available:

  • To release the energy that has accumulated over a day spent by the sea or in the pool, visit the incendiary disco;
  • Lovers of billiards will appreciate a cozy club, where there are several gaming tables;
  • Support the figure in the form will help you train in the modern gym;
  • On the beach there is a volleyball court;
  • If the weather turns cloudy, you can get a chocolate tan in the solarium;
  • On the beach you can ride a water motorcycle;
  • Jacuzzi removes fatigue and gives a good mood;
  • If you have problems with the musculoskeletal system, visit the massage parlor;
  • In the sauna or in the bath you can get physical and moral cleansing.

Services for guests

A wide range of services you can take advantage of, choosing for your holiday hotel "Admiral" (Bulgaria, Golden Sands). The list of services is as follows:

  • Room service, which includes cleaning and replacing the laundry both on schedule and on individual request;
  • Delivery to the apartments of food and drinks from the bar and restaurant;
  • After handing your soiled things to the laundry, in a short time you will receive them in the proper form;
  • You can use the service of early settling or late departure;
  • Guests have the option of a transfer from the airport and back;
  • Receptionists provide guests with assistance in the purchase of travel tickets.

Children's rest

You can safely choose the hotel "Admiral" for rest with children. Bulgaria, Golden Sands will enjoy a mild climate, and this hotel will provide the following opportunities:

  • Walking on a pony in the picturesque territory of the hotel;
  • Water slides in children's pools, as well as fountains and inflatable circles;
  • computer games;
  • A children's railway, equipped in the shade of the garden;
  • Inflatable trampolines in the form of fairy-tale locks;
  • Children's club, in which animators have prepared a lot of entertainment for kids.

Additional Information

A number of internal regulations regulate the work of the hotel "Admiral" (Golden Sands). It will be useful for travelers to read this information:

  • You can check in at the room you booked after 14:00 (except for the cases when you have an early registration service due to availability of rooms);
  • Before noon, you must have time to solve all organizational issues related to eviction (there is the possibility of late departure, provided you make an hourly payment);
  • Children under two years of age are provided with free cots and arenas;
  • In this hotel you can not live with pets;
  • To pay for services in a non-cash form you can use plastic cards;
  • If during any period of your stay a holiday falls out, the cost of the holiday includes a visit to the gala dinner;
  • Birthday cakes are given a birthday cake (can be delivered to the room or delivered during dinner);
  • Newlyweds are given a thematic decoration of the room, fruit and a bottle of champagne;
  • Regular guests (those who have rested here more than twice) get the right to upgrade the room category if there are enough vacant seats.

Positive reviews

Based on the comments of experienced travelers, we can conclude that Admiral 5 * (Bulgaria, Golden Sands) is quite a good place to relax. The testimonies indicate a number of positive points:

  • A great location - the very center of a lively resort, but in close proximity to the sea;
  • Beautiful views from the windows of the rooms located on the upper floors (a particularly beautiful picture becomes at night, when the whole city is lit by colored lights);
  • Very large rooms;
  • If you have any problem in the room, then, having addressed to the reception desk, you can count on its prompt resolution;
  • In the hotel there are no cases of theft, and therefore it is not necessary to spend money on the safe (even the maids will not take a tip if you leave them in any place other than the edge of the bed);
  • Excellent quality of wireless Internet both in the territory and in the room;
  • The hotel is very tasty, satisfying and varied food;
  • Good animation for both children and adults;
  • Swimming in the pool, you can admire the sea;
  • The restaurant serves real fruit juices, not powdered ones;
  • Some workers speak Russian well.

Negative feedback

A number of shortcomings and shortcomings is characterized by the hotel Admiral 5 * (Bulgaria). Golden Sands is a fairly budget resort, so do not expect an ideal holiday. According to tourists' reviews, the following negative points can be singled out:

  • A huge disadvantage is the lack of an iron in the room (but it can be brought on request);
  • Quite high prices for drinks in the hotel bars (as an option, they can be bought in neighboring shops);
  • Employees often forget about birthday people, but because to get a compliment, you have to remind yourself several times;
  • In the bathrooms of some rooms there is a very unpleasant smell, which can be caused by clogged sewerage;
  • Despite the fact that the territory is a lot of greenery, it is low, but because the areas with a thick shadow there;
  • Due to the fact that the hotel rests a lot of families with children, the territory is very noisy;
  • On the beach, plank beds and umbrellas (if you do not want to spend money, you can settle right on the sand).

Overall Impression

If you want to spend your holidays in a warm family atmosphere, then pay attention to the hotel Admiral 5 *. Bulgaria is quite a popular destination, and therefore it is constantly developing. If we talk about this hotel, then recently it was completely renovated, and therefore here you will not find remnants of the past. Corps, rooms, territory - everything looks very nice and modern. The staff works very diligently, though, leisurely (but this can be considered a national feature of the Bulgarians).

Resting in this resort hotel, you should not order a comprehensive three meals a day. Enough to stop at breakfast, which will please you with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, cheeses and other delicacies. As for lunch and dinner, they may seem too modest to you. The best way to get acquainted with traditional local cuisine is to eat in the numerous cafes and restaurants in the neighborhood.

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