Children's fur coat - protection from the strongest frosts

With the onset of frosty days, parents are trying in every way to warmly dress their children, who spend all their free time on the air, especially if snow falls on the street. You can ride a sled, skate, play snowballs or just admire the snow-covered park.

Children's outerwear these days

Today, winter outerwear, thanks to the latest technology, has become weightless and very beautiful. Including fur coats, sheepskin coats and sheepskins. These days these products are made of artificial and natural fur. Children's fur coat from the mink - this, of course, is very beautiful and reliable, but alas, not everyone is available. Today we will talk about more common furs for our dear women of fashion. These are, first of all, foxes, foxes, rabbit fur coats for girls and sheepskin coats for boys.

Children's fur coats: advantages

Fur coats made from artificial or natural fur, which are produced today, have a number of advantages:

  • Well retain heat;
  • Are distinguished by a convenient cut;
  • lungs;
  • Durable.

Children's fur coat: durability of the product

A rabbit fur coat or fox fur coat will serve your child for a maximum of three seasons, and from sheepskin - more than five. Many parents believe that the child will grow out of new clothes in two seasons, but they do not take into account that these products can be increased, and this is a very simple procedure. Any fur dealer will easily increase the length of fur coat and sleeves, and also restore the most stuck areas. And in families where more than one child is growing, these clothes will also serve younger children.

Children's fur coat: how to buy a quality product

The quality of any fur product in many ways depends on its production and tailoring. When buying a fur coat, follow these tips:

  • Do not pursue imported furs. Domestic producers (Moscow, Kirov or Pyatigorsk factories) produce very worthy models for children. Deciding on the purchase of Greek or Italian fur coats, buy it in a specialized store, where you will receive a sales receipt and a warranty card.
  • Check the product so that there are no tear marks and gusts.
  • It is advisable to make a purchase together with its future owner.

Children's fur coat: price and quality

Undoubtedly, buying a jumpsuit or down jacket will cost you much cheaper, because the cost of fur coat or sheepskin coats from natural fur can reach up to five hundred and even thousands of dollars. However, the advantages of such a purchase are obvious: good durability, comfort, beauty, lightness. Children's fur coat does not require very complex care. Fur is not afraid of snow, mud, sand.

Which fur to choose

  1. Karakul is a fur of a special breed of sheep (lambs). Warm and fairly inexpensive material. Products from it serve more than ten years.
  2. Mouton is a very warm fur. It has an amazing density, it protects well from rain and piercing wind, resistant to abrasion.
  3. A lamb is a fur of a coarse-wooled lamb. Has a dense pile with large curls. Served more than 15 years.
  4. Rabbit - on the thermal characteristics is in line with the sheepskin. However, he will serve only three years.

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