Nubian Village 5 * (Egypt / Sharm El Sheikh) - photos, prices and hotel reviews

Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most popular tourist cities in Egypt. And the hotel complex is very popular, called Nubian Village 5. Therefore, today Russian tourists are increasingly interested in information about this place. Where is the hotel located? Who will come to rest on its territory? What services are offered to foreign tourists?

Where is the hotel situated?

The hotel is located in a picturesque bay called Nabq Bay, surrounded by palm trees, exotic plants, very close to the golden beaches. The nearest international airport is just five kilometers from the hotel complex, in the famous resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh. The distance to the less popular tourist place, bay Naama Bay, is only 20 kilometers - if desired, you can easily get there by public transport or a rented car.

In fact, the location is considered one of the advantages of the hotel Nubian Village 5. Sharm el-Sheikh is a great place for various types of recreation, as it can offer travelers not only luxury beaches, but also entertainment centers, high-class service and, of course, interesting Historical sights that are worth a visit.

Brief description of the hotel complex

A large well-groomed territory with a huge amount of greenery is one of the many characteristics that the Nubian Village 5 is famous for. The reviews of tourists confirm that the infrastructure of the complex is really convenient. In the center is a large main building, and around it are three-story residential buildings and small secluded bungalows. All of them are built in the traditional Nubian style, which gives the hotel a unique color. And between the buildings are laid narrow, decorated stucco streets, secluded gazebos and spacious courtyards with fountains.

By the way, the resort complex was opened in 1999. The last major repairs were carried out in 2004. Nevertheless, every year the hotel is being improved - here you will find not only a home-like atmosphere and sincere hospitality, but also modern equipment and interesting design. There is also another hotel located next to Nubian Village - Nubian Island 5. In fact, these two hotels represent a single large resort complex, since, regardless of where they live, travelers can use the territory of both hotels.

How do the rooms look on the site?

Hotel Nubian Village Hotel 5 provides its guests with decent accommodation. On its territory there are 292 rooms of the following categories:

  • 174 Standard rooms.
  • 104 bungalows.
  • 12 Junior suites.
  • 2 King suites.

Regardless of the category, all rooms are furnished with necessary furniture, including large beds with soft mattresses, a table, bedside tables, chairs and a wardrobe. The rooms are decorated in a restrained classic style. Each room has access to a balcony or a private terrace, from where you can admire the view of the sea, watch the hotel life by the pool or enjoy the beauty of a flowering garden.

As for household appliances, then, of course, there is a complete set. First of all, it's worth mentioning about climate control - a modern air conditioning system with a convenient control panel will help create the most comfortable temperature conditions in the room. You can spend your free time watching TV - some Russian satellite channels show here. The room also has a small safe, where guests in most cases store documents and valuables. There is also a mini-bar, but its filling is carried out exclusively at the request of the guests and is paid separately. By phone, you can make international calls, but again this service is paid.

Surely you will like the spacious bathroom. Here you can always relax in a foam bath or quickly take a toning shower - cold and hot water is served around the clock. There is also a wall mirror, a lighting system, a washbasin. Each hotel client receives a set of clean towels and a set of branded cosmetics, including soap and shampoo.

This is how the rooms look on the territory of the five-star Nubian Village 5. Reviews of tourists confirm that the rooms are in excellent condition - furniture and appliances are in good condition, quality cleaning is carried out daily. In addition, the hotel staff regularly change both towels and bed linen.

Power plan for guests

Many travelers believe that this hotel has gathered in itself all the best that Egypt has to offer. Hotel Nubian Village 5 offers its guests a system known as "all inclusive". Accommodation on the territory of the hotel complex includes three meals a day, as well as local drinks and snacks throughout the day.

In the main restaurant of the hotel, guests are served buffet tables. Here you will find a huge variety of international and national dishes - cold snacks, several kinds of meat, seafood, fresh fruits, light salads, delicious desserts and, of course, homemade ice cream. There is also a special menu for children, which is also very important. And you will be served by courteous and attentive waiters.

In addition, there are several catering facilities on the territory of the hotel. In particular, you can visit the Corallo, which offers mainly Italian dishes, including freshly baked pizza, salads, spaghetti and several pasta varieties. And on the seashore there is a fish restaurant El Nour, which works in the evening - here the travelers are offered dishes of fish and seafood.

On Tuesdays and Fridays, the restaurant El Dawar, created in the traditional Egyptian style, opens its doors to tourists. Here you can not only eat delicious delicacies of oriental cuisine, but also enjoy exotic African views. By the way, reservations must be made in advance, and ordered meals are paid separately.

Naturally, there are several bars on the territory of the hotel. For example, two of them are located near the pool - here guests are offered juices, chilled drinks, ice cream and light snacks. A bar in the lobby is perfect for gathering with friends - here, in a relaxed atmosphere, you can chat, enjoying the taste of coffee, strong booze and interesting exotic cocktails.

In the evening, near the beach, you can see a picturesque Bedouin tent, under which guests are offered fine teas, real oriental coffee and a hookah.

Beach and water recreation

Soft sandy beaches and clear sea waters are what give the resorts a special charm. Nubian Village 5 has its own, albeit small, section of the coast. The distance to the beach is not more than one hundred meters.

It is worth noting that there is a picturesque lagoon of natural origin with a gentle, safe descent into the sea - this place is suitable for bathing children and travelers who can not swim. On the other hand, near the shore is a coral reef, so for swimming here you need a suitable shoe. By the way, if you did not bring it with you, then you can walk around the local shops - you will definitely find what you need.

On the beach there are protective umbrellas and chaise lounges with comfortable mattresses - the guests of the Nubian Village 5 can use them for free. And since the beach is private and fenced, third-party visitors will not get bored.

Of course, the hotel complex can offer other types of water entertainment, in addition to bathing and sunbathing. For example, there is a diving center on site. For beginners, there is a special training program, which includes learning the basic rules and the first dive in the pool. The same tourists who do not need additional lessons can rent here a mask, fins, as well as the necessary equipment for diving. It is worth noting that the coral reef looks amazingly beautiful.

Naturally, for an additional fee you can do other kinds of recreation, including boating, catamarans, water motorcycles and skis, etc. In a word, nobody will be bored here.

Are there any conditions for children's recreation?

Of course, parents traveling with children primarily prefer those hotels that are suitable for family stay. And the Nubian Village 5 is a great place for a bright, unforgettable children's holiday. Of course, the hotel owners first of all took care of the convenience of parents. For example, upon request, a baby cot is immediately delivered to the room - this service is free of charge.

The restaurant has a huge selection of dishes that will surely suit your child, especially when it comes to desserts. A small tourist polite waiters will necessarily offer a comfortable highchair. If, for some reason, you need to leave for a while, then you can safely leave the child with a nanny - only experienced and professional educators work on the territory of the hotel. This service is paid for separately, but costs not so much.

And do not worry about the child's leisure, since Nubian Village 5 offers small travelers the right conditions for recreation. First of all, it should be said that a natural shallow lagoon on the beach is perfect for bathing children. In addition, the children can play in the hotel pool. In cold weather or in winter, children have fun in a separate section of the indoor swimming pool, equipped with a heating system - by the way, sports competitions are regularly arranged here, which they like.

Moreover, almost all day the water park works with interesting attractions and water slides - here children can have fun together with their parents or accompanied by caregivers.

Of course, there is a large playground with trampolines, swings, labyrinths and slides, which are so popular with a small tourist. The hotel also has a kids club. By the way, there are Russian-speaking animators-educators, that's why your child is unlikely to have problems with communication. Here, the children are helped to get to know each other, offer interesting games, organize fun contests and other events, including some educational programs.

On the territory of the hotel there is also a sports ground for mini-football. In addition, the guys can visit the game room, where there is always an opportunity to spend time with new friends for this or that interesting game.

What additional services does Nubian Village 5 (Sharm-el-Sheikh) offer?

Of course, the availability of additional services makes it much easier to relax for foreign travelers. So what services does the hotel Nubian Village 5 offer? SharmelSheikh is a famous resort town, which has been engaged in tourism for many years. And in local hotels they always know how to make a perfect vacation.

To begin with it is worth noting that the front desk is open around the clock. There is also a currency exchange office, which is also very convenient. If you wish, you can rent a car or another type of transport at the hotel - it will be more convenient to travel around the city and explore the surroundings. And the car can always be left in the hotel parking lot, which is equipped with a security system.

In addition, on the territory of the hotel complex there is a pharmacy and a medical aid station. In case of health problems for a small fee, you can call the doctor directly to your room. And the hotel also offers shopping galleries where you can buy souvenirs, as well as some basic necessities.

Leisure and entertainment for travelers

If you like a fun beach vacation, flavored with entertainment and educational activities, then, of course, the appropriate option will be Egypt. Hotel Nubian Village 5 has taken care of that its clients had everything necessary for entertainment. Here you can not only sunbathe and swim, but also play sports, enjoy fine cuisine and, of course, study the most famous historical places of the ancient state.

So what does the hotel complex Nubian Village 5 offer? The photo shows that most of the courtyard is occupied by a large swimming pool, which employees call Swim-up. This place is intended for a relaxing holiday. By the way, for this purpose around arranged comfortable beds with soft mattresses and protective umbrellas, under which it is so nice to relax. Beach towels are given for free, which can also be considered one of the advantages.

But various sports events are held in the large indoor pool Corallo. By the way, in cold weather it includes heating, so water is always pleasant temperature. It is in this pool that water aerobics classes are held , as well as fun water polo competitions. And the hotel owns its own small water park.

Of course, such a large hotel complex offers some wellness procedures. For example, guests always have the opportunity to visit the SPA center. His services are paid separately. Nevertheless, here you will be offered a lot of health-improving procedures, including rejuvenating wraps, medical baths, etc. There is also a so-called wellness center on the territory of the hotel where clients are offered to visit the sauna or steam room, relax in the jacuzzi or book an excellent massage.

Sports fans will not be disappointed either, since there are a lot of opportunities for them here. For example, you can always visit a gym equipped with modern equipment. In addition, classes for aerobics and yoga are held regularly for those who wish. The hotel also offers guests to visit the billiard room, where it is always nice to spend an evening with friends for an interesting game. There are also tables for table tennis.

There are equipped playgrounds for volleyball, basketball and mini football on site. Those who wish can always spend time on one of the tennis courts - in the evening the area is illuminated, but for a fee.

And, of course, do not forget about the team of jolly, animators, who really know their craft. During the day, the children entertain guests by the pool. And in the evenings the guests are gathered in the amphitheater. Here you can see the fire show, enjoy the grace of oriental dances, see performances of acrobats, etc. Live Italian music plays in the lobby every evening.

At night, there is a disco - the entrance is free. By the way, once a week on the beach the grandiose foam parties that end with a spectacular fire show are staged .

Of course, this is not all that Egypt can offer its guests. Nubian Village 5 has its own tour desk. Here you will be helped to choose the most interesting places for excursions, and also to make a route of travel. For example, very close to the national reserve Nabq, which is definitely worth a visit - here you can enjoy the unique beauty of Egyptian nature. Tourists are also often offered a walk on ATVs through the mysterious Echo Valley.

Quite a popular place is the Color Canyon, which is located about 150 kilometers from the hotel complex. Here you will find an exciting excursion and the opportunity to enjoy the unusual natural colors of rocks. And in the south of the Sinai Peninsula is the famous Ras Mohamed Reserve, which is famous for its large salt lake, mangroves and exotic nature - in most cases divers come here, because the underwater world here is incredibly rich.

Near Sharm el-Sheikh, there is another interesting place that everyone knows for sure - this is the legendary Mount Sinai, where many thousands of years ago Moses received commandments. On top of the mountain today built a mosque and a Greek temple of the Holy Trinity. On the northern slope of the cliff there is a temple of the Prophet Elijah, created inside the mountain. And at the foot of it is the famous St. Catherine's temple, which was erected in the sixth century - and to this day this shrine is a place of pilgrimage for many Christians. By the way, according to legend, it was here that the prophet Moses was first shown by God, showing a burning bush.

How much does it cost to stay in the resort?

Of course, the cost of recreation for most travelers is a key issue. So what is the price of accommodation in the hotel complex Nubian Village 5? You can buy a tour in almost any major travel agency, as the hotel cooperates with many Russian firms. The price of vacation will largely depend on what time of the year you have chosen for vacation, how quickly you booked a place, what type of flight you chose, and so on.

On average, a night in the hotel Nubian Village 5 will cost 5,000-6,000 rubles per person. For example, a tour package, which includes a seven-day tour, accommodation in a standard room, meals and economy class flight costs about 38 thousand rubles. Naturally, when calculating the budget, do not forget that some of the services here, including excursions, are paid separately.

Hotel Nubian Village 5: reviews of Russian tourists

To date, this hotel enjoys great popularity among Russian tourists. After all, an excellent reputation makes us pay attention to the resort complex Nubian Village 5. Pegasus, however, like other big travel companies, recommends this place to its customers.

Guests in the first place note decent living conditions - the rooms are kept clean and tidy, towels are changed every day, furniture and household appliances are always in good order. How good is Nubian Village 5? Reviews of Russian tourists indicate that the menu here is really diverse - especially praise the fish and seafood dishes that appear on the table regularly.

Certainly, one of the advantages of the hotel is the presence of a team of sociable animators who perfectly cope with their work. In the daytime you are waiting for group sports and fun competitions. In the evenings, guests are entertained by equally interesting performances and shows. In addition, the guys are always ready to help with advice.

In fact, this hotel complex is perfect for a beach holiday. Here come as families with children, and the youth companies and even elderly travelers - everyone finds to itself an entertainment to liking.

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