Car radar detector Sho-me G-900 STR: specifications, prices, reviews

The Sho Me G 900 STR radar detector is an upgraded version of the previous G-800STR radar detector. It is distinguished by modern hardware and software stuffing. Let's consider it in more detail.

The design of the radar detector

The main constructive difference from Sho Me G 800 STR in the new version was the use of modern electronic components in the printed circuit boards of the device. In the new model was installed a more powerful GPS chip from the company SIRF, which allowed to increase the speed of the device, the accuracy of radar and other devices and to shorten the start time with a cold start.

Technical and hardware part

The Sho Me G 900 STR radar detector acquired an additional OTG command, which allows several gadgets to be added to the gadget base at the same time, or it can be flashed with the USB cable that comes with it. Prepared audio and video files are stored on the device's memory card, and then transferred to the operational parameters of the radar detector.

In comparison with the previous version, Sho Me G 800 STR increased the size of the display. The gadget screen displays a picture of the cameras and information about the speed of the machine. Integrated chips with a double memory capacity allow you to store and display large amounts of information on the display.

An additional advantage of the new model of the radar detector is the addition of a remote control, with which the remote setting of Sho Me G 900 STR is possible. Programming the system of the device and changing the settings is done by pressing the corresponding key combinations on the supplied control panel. Such an original solution gave the radar detector from the company Sho-Me a competitive advantage over similar devices of other brands.

The car owner can manually configure the hot key function. An additional and very pleasant advantage, according to the reviews on Sho Me G 900 STR , is the presence in the kit of the device of a special bag for packing and storing the device.

The main features of the radar detector

The main characteristics of the radar are:

  • Ability to work in the bands K, X, Ka, Ku with the fixation and determination of all tracking devices operating in similar ranges.
  • Detection of the complex "Avtodoriya" and advance warning of the driver about speeding mode excess.
  • Built-in GPS-module on the chipset of the fourth generation SIRF.
  • The user can store the false alarm points and the location of radar and traffic police lasers in the device's memory.
  • The radar detector operates in three modes of speed detection.
  • Three main operating modes are available: "Route", "City 1" and "City 2".
  • Antiradar is equipped with an informative OLED-display.
  • There is a built-in sensor for automatic screen brightness.
  • The information displayed on the device's display is accompanied by a voice announcement.
  • Software update and firmware Sho Me G 900 STR are performed without connecting the device to a personal computer.
  • The bundled control panel allows you to manage and configure the gadget from a distance.
  • The radar database and software are updated automatically.
  • The device notifies the owner of the car of low battery level.

The tests Sho Me G 900 STR showed that the gadget is able to recognize the signals of the "Robot" complex. And the Strelka complex is detected by an antiradar at a distance of 1200 m.

Contents of delivery

The Sho Me G 900 STR radar detector is supplied as follows:

  1. Antiradar.
  2. Power cable.
  3. Suction cups and mount for mounting the device on the windshield of the car.
  4. Velcro on the dashboard.
  5. USB-loader.
  6. USB cable.
  7. Remote control panel.
  8. A bag for storing and transporting the detector.

The instruction is for Sho Me G 900 STR, Also available in the kit, Allows the owner to easily understand the rules of operation of the device.

Functional radar

Let's list the main features and functions of the radar detector:

  • The device detects all police radars that operate within the permitted ranges in a timely and accurate manner.
  • The updated module allows the radar detector to detect the "Arrow" complexes at a distance of 1200 meters.
  • The Sho Me G 900 STR radar detector works in several modes, including the "City-2" mode.
  • The remote control connected to the infrared receiver allows you to operate the device at a distance and without the driver's involvement, so that it can not be distracted from the road.
  • The OTG function allows you to easily and quickly update the software and the base of the connected cameras.
  • Receiving sensitivity is increased by the manufacturer due to changes in laser parameters of the device.
  • The type of security camera and the maximum permissible speed on the route is determined in automatic mode.

In addition to the basic functions, the Sho Me G 900 STR anti-radar is equipped with additional ones that greatly simplify the operation process and allow the car owner to customize the gadget in accordance with personal preferences and wishes.

Advantages of the radar detector

The described device, according to users, has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • Work in several modes.
  • Compact size.
  • Light weight.
  • Long service life.
  • Easy and simple installation.
  • High speed of data processing.
  • Presence of front and back lenses.
  • Three levels of signal adjustment.
  • Russified voice notification.
  • Affordable price for Sho Me G 900 STR (it is kept in the range from 5000 to 7700 rub.).
  • Stability of the housing to mechanical damage.
  • High level of sensitivity.

Informative display

Need to say that car owners have contacted the manufacturer of Sho-Me radar detectors with requests to display on the devices display information about the current speed of the car, not only in standby mode, but also in the modes of fixing GPS points in the X, K and Ka bands. This appeal was explained by the fact that the driver, basing on the speed of movement constantly displayed on the radar display, can choose the maximum permissible speed mode, without violating the rules of the road.

Separately, we note that the speed indicated by the speedometer of the vehicle is always 8% higher than the real one, while the data shown by the radar and fixed by its GPS module differ from the real ones by hundredths of a percent. This algorithm in the factory firmware of the radar detector worked in such a way that at certain times - when detecting radar ranges or GPS points - the display stopped displaying information about the current speed of the car.

The double-edged sword was the fact that the detection of many tracking systems begins within fifteen hundred meters. Despite the fact that it was quite difficult to implement the wishes of consumers because of the limited size of the display, the developers of the Sho-Me G-900STR radar detector still managed to achieve the set goal: the speed of the car began to be displayed on a constant basis, which was immediately noted in Customer reviews.

Improved algorithm for detecting laser signals

The introduction of changes in the anti-radar software made it possible to detect the Vitronic PoliScan photoradar laser system. Such a device is made in the form of both a portable tripod and a stationary complex.

The peculiarity of Vittronic PoliScan's work is that the speed of a moving car is determined by a narrowly focused laser beam. The speed of the vehicle is fixed at a distance of 15-75 m to the device. But this is in theory, in practice the distance is 40 m.

Because of the narrow beam, the radar detector can not warn the driver in advance about the presence of such a complex on the track at a great distance, so after it is detected, the driver has only a few seconds to reduce the speed of movement. The plus is the fact that such complexes are practically never found on the territory of Russia.

Changing GPS databases

The updated version of the Sho Me G 900 STR firmware uses a two-point base to identify the tracking devices. The first is the location of the camera or radar, the second is the entry point, which is a certain distance from the tracking device. For each stationary complex, this distance is individually calculated by highly qualified specialists based on data collected in practice and the conditions of the terrain in which the radar is installed.

The changes introduced into the firmware were aimed at eliminating the false alarms marked by users by the radar detector, which fixed the complexes located on parallel streets. And also on the regulation of informing the vehicle owner about the approach to various video and photo fixation complexes, depending on the range of operation of these complexes. Due to this, the need for further use of the "Dist." Parameter has disappeared.

Especially for the new firmware of the radar detector, two-point databases were released, which can only be used with new software. And the new ATO parameter allows the user to choose a base for their own use.

Switching sensitivity levels in automatic mode

The sensitivity level of the Sho Me G 900 STR radar detector in the new firmware is adjusted on an automatic basis, depending on the speed of the vehicle. The constant sensitivity level for the "City 1" mode is low, for the "Route" mode - high.

The new parameter ATSPD with the scale of values from 0 to 120 operates according to the following principle: the radar detector operates in the "Highway" mode with a high sensitivity level with the value AT = 0, and with AT = X - the average sensitivity level if the speed is lower than X. If the car's speed is higher than X, then the "Route" mode is activated with a constant support of a high level of sensitivity. The user can independently control them by setting the ACSPD and ATSPD parameters.

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