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Bread beetle: description and control of the pest

Each of us sooner or later faces insect pests in the house. The problem is very unpleasant and requires an immediate solution.

Description of the pest

Beetle is a small insect, about 1.4-1.6 cm in size, having an oval shape. These beetles have many species, but the most common is the ground beetle. Each year their number increases. Most species do not fly very well or do not fly at all. They have hard wings.

Pests of this species usually damage crops in fields. But increasingly they are found in ordinary apartments. And the damage is caused both by adults and by larvae. Bread ground beetle likes a temperate climate. The most favorable conditions for it are observed on the territory of Moldova, Ukraine, and Russia.

Bread ground beetle and its main features:

  • Adult oval-shaped specimen, about 1.5 cm long;
  • Larvae usually longer, up to 2.5 cm;
  • Adult beetles have a dark color, usually with a metallic outflow, but sometimes occurs bronze or brown;
  • The larvae have a light body color, the head is brown;
  • Adult antennae are noticeable antennae.

What are dangerous ground beetles in the apartment

The bread crumb is a more nocturnal insect. In the daytime it hides under the stones, the roots of trees, and if the situation is in the apartment, then under furniture in dark places, where it is unlikely to be reached. Usually beetles live near fields. They especially love the crops of wheat, barley and rye, although sometimes they do not disdain oats and corn. In some cases, if there are no crops, then they eat leeks.

The bread beetle creeps into the apartment only if she likes the living conditions. Still, more often this insect prefers fields with different crops of cereal crops. As soon as the insect enters the house, when darkness sets in, it goes to look for food. As a meal for him can serve as crumbs, left on the table food, cereals. Beetles interfere with sleep, rustling, falling from the ceiling to the bed or straight at you. And if they found food, then the next step will be their multiplication. Therefore, if there was a ground beetle in the apartment, "how to get rid" - the question should be top priority.

Why they appear

The reasons for the appearance of these beetles in an ordinary apartment is not so much. Usually they are simply accidentally brought in by larvae along with street mud or old furniture. But also often there are cases when ground beetles settle themselves in the house.

Usually they are attracted by the light that burns in the evening in the windows, and if the mosquito net is not installed on the windows, nothing prevents them from looking at you for a light. Also attractive for ground beetles is old wood, including old wooden furniture, window sills, frames, etc.

If the house has pets that are fed with various cereals and other foods, this is also an increased risk of the appearance of beetles in the apartment. All food is best kept in well closed packages and always regularly clean the animal dwellings from food debris and other contaminants.

And leftovers on the table leftovers or a rare cleaning in the premises - this is the guarantee of the appearance of various pests.


Prevention measures directly depend on the causes of the appearance of these pests in the house. After all, it is much better to seek an answer to the question of how to prevent the appearance of a ground beetle in a dwelling than to think about the problem: "The bread crumb in the apartment, how to get rid of it?"

Regular cleaning of the apartment - a pledge that it will not appear to various uninvited guests. If the apartment is planned to import old furniture or other items made of wood, they must be inspected and treated in advance with special means - insecticides. If there are no such in the arsenal, then you can use ordinary baking soda or vinegar.

Cereals, potatoes, flour - this is a place of increased danger. They should be inspected carefully after purchase. Potatoes and cereals are best sorted and washed, and the flour is sifted and hermetically sealed.

Given that the bread beetle usually enters the house through open windows, it is worth considering the installation of mosquito nets. In addition, they will protect not only from annoying beetles, but also from other unpleasant insects.

Pest Control

If, however, black beetles are found in the apartment and you are sure that it is a ground beetle, "how to get rid of it" is a simple matter. First of all, you need to determine the place where the beetles are the most. To do this, it is necessary to clean the house. All the remains of food, crumbs, garbage must be collected and discarded.

Surfaces should be treated with insecticides, which can be found in any hardware store (Dichlophos, Carbofos), or other available means. For example, you can use baking soda or a bite, dilute them with water, and process insect clusters. All food stored outside the refrigerator must be sealed.

Observing such simple rules, you can be sure that there will not be any uninvited guests in your house.

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