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"Brazilian bikini" - smooth skin in any swimsuit

"Brazilian bikini" is a method of hair removal in the intimate area with the help of wax. Why is this method called this way? The answer is simple: it is very popular with Brazilians, big fans of outspoken clothes, and especially carnival costumes. They are very sensitive to their body, bringing it to perfection in any way. Hair removal is not an exception.

Epilation of a bikini wax is a procedure that women often choose in beauty salons, among other methods, helping to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body. There are two ways of this type of depilation :

- Removal of warm wax. It is softer.

- Removal with hot wax.

In both cases, the procedure is slightly unpleasant. "Brazilian bikini" implies the removal of hair on the pubic, labia and between the buttocks. It should be noted that before the session they should be about 5 mm long, otherwise the method will not be effective. Before going to the beauty salon, you should use a scrub.

After applying warm wax in the intimate zone, cosmetologists apply a special napkin and with a sharp movement remove it together with the wax and hairs. This process is painful.

In another case, the removal of hot wax from the surface of the body occurs by hand. This procedure brings less unpleasant sensations, because because of the high temperature the skin is steamed, the pores are opened, and hair removal is easier. The entire process of the "Brazilian bikini" method takes a little time - from 10 to 60 minutes.

Depilation wax should be abandoned for a couple of days before and after menstruation, as well as in the presence of the following diseases: mental disorders, varicose veins, hypertension and diabetes mellitus.

Also, do not do this at home, because the procedure requires the availability of professional skills. Without experience, you can get burns of varying severity, irritation and even inflammation of the skin. A particularly unpleasant consequence of depilation wax can become ingrown hair, which can significantly spoil the appearance. To avoid this, you should periodically use scrubs.

"Brazilian bikini" will help to forget about vegetation in the intimate zone for up to one month, and even after this time, instead of the usual stiff bristles will appear soft fluff. Therefore, once this procedure is done, you simply will not want to return to the rest.

However, this method can remove hair only for a while, and get rid of them forever help elos-hair removal. It is the most modern and safe way to remove vegetation on the body. The essence of the method is the simultaneous action of a current and a light beam on the hairs.

This procedure is completely painless. After 14 days you can sunbathe in the sun and in the solarium. But the main advantage over other methods of epilation is the possibility of influencing light and gray hairs. But in order to achieve an ideal result, you will have to undergo several costly procedures. Elos-epilation also has some contraindications: pregnancy, hypertension, oncological diseases, diabetes, infectious diseases and strong sunburn.

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