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Biography of Valentina Tolkunova - the legendary Russian singer

The biography of Valentina Tolkunova is of interest to representatives of the modern generation. The songs in her performance never lose relevance. And all because they touch on eternal topics - love, friendship and mutual understanding. Do you want to know when the famous singer was born? How did her childhood go, why did she die? Then we suggest you read the article from the first to the last paragraph.

Valentina Tolkunova: biography, family

She was born on July 12, 1946 in the city of Armavir, in the Krasnodar Territory. Valentina's father and mother are ordinary people. They instilled in their daughters love for Russian folk songs and guitar romances. My father was a military man, and my mother received a technical education. Valentina has a younger brother Sergei (born in 1949).

When our heroine turned a year old, the family moved to Moscow. In the Russian capital, parents found a decent job. Baby visited kindergarten, located near the house.

In 1953, Valya went to first grade. Dad and his mother took care of her creative development - the girl was enrolled in a music school. Our heroine was pleased to attend classes.


The biography of Valentina Tolkunova indicates that she visited the Central House of Railway Children. A talented girl performed in the local ensemble.

Valya additionally engaged in vocals with the teacher Tatyana Ovchinnikova. Since 10 years she acted as a solo artist. Tolkunova repeatedly said that music is an integral part of her life.


How did the biography of Valentina Tolkunova develop in the future? After the end of the school decade, the girl decided to enter the Moscow Institute of Culture. She successfully coped with the exams. Valuy was enrolled in the conductor-choir department. After 5 years, our heroine received a diploma of graduation. But the goal-oriented girl was not going to stop there.

In 1966, Valentina was enrolled in the music school. The Gnessins. At the same time, the brunette was in the collective "VIO-66". A sweet girl with a subtle and gentle voice immediately fell in love with listeners.


In 1973, Valentina Tolkunova's biography was enlarged with an important event. The brunette was invited to work in Moskontsert. This was a real recognition of her singing talent. Most of Tolkunova's repertoire was composed of traditional Russian songs. She herself dressed modestly, but with taste. Open look, a kind smile, a long neat braid - this Valentine remembered the fans.

During her career, Tolkunova performed over 100 songs. Such compositions as "Nosiki-kurnosiki", "Mama", "I can not do otherwise" won popular love.

Valentina Tolkunova (biography): personal life

The first spouse of the legendary singer was the composer Yuri Saulsky. Deep feelings broke out between them at first sight. After a while, a 37-year-old man and a 19-year-old girl were married. However, a happy family life did not last long. Yuri threw the singer and went to the young actress. Valentina was seriously distressed by the divorce with him.

In 28 years, Vali's personal life began to improve. At the Mexican Embassy, the long-haired brunette met with a diplomat and journalist Yuri Paporov. The man beautifully and persistently took care of her. A few months later, the couple played a wedding. In October 1977, Yuri and Valentina became parents. Their first-born son Nikolai appeared.


The biography of Valentina Tolkunova is an example of the amazing resilience of a person. The famous singer took all the blows of fate and always walked on with her head held high.

In 2006 Valentina Vasilievna was examined in one of the Moscow clinics. As a result, she was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis - breast cancer. Chemotherapy procedures made it possible to improve the condition of the singer. However, in 2009, she was diagnosed with another tumor. This time Tolkunova was diagnosed with "brain cancer". The best doctors in Moscow were fighting for the life of the star of the Soviet stage. But their efforts were in vain.

March 22, 2010 V. Tolkunova died. The People's Artiste was buried at the Troekurov cemetery. At any time of the year, her grave is buried in living colors. Fans do not forget about the legendary singer.

Son Tolkunova, Nikolai, has nothing to do with the stage. He lives in Moscow and works as a lighting artist in the Theater of Music Drama and Song.


We talked about where she studied and how Valentina Tolkunova became popular. Biography, photos and details of the singer's personal life - all this is contained in the article.

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