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Turkey's resorts on the Mediterranean ... How can you not dream of them, especially as fewer and fewer days remain until the long-awaited summer vacation? Even for a moment, covering our eyes, we begin to dream of warm sand, of waves rolling on the shore and of a light sea breeze.

Very often, beginner tourists ask about which Turkish resort is better. After all, if you take into account a lot of directions, it's really difficult to decide the choice. And professionals, reflecting, respond that all of them are wonderful, although each has its own characteristics and charms. Only after visiting at least a few of them, the traveler understands where to go next time.

Why Turkey?

It should be noted that Turkey, despite its fairly modest territory (for example, when compared with Russia), is very, very diverse. Here you can relax every year, and each time to discover something new and unusual.

If a country can still surprise experienced travelers, it's Turkey. The map of the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea is literally full of various cities, towns and villages. In them, at any time of the year, you can discover something, having got acquainted with the amazing country and the unique culture of the local population.

Many travelers, choosing a place of rest, resort to the help of specialized catalogs or booklets, which bear completely different names, but, nevertheless, boil down to one theme, which is easy to describe approximately like: "Turkey. Photo resorts ». And this is not surprising, because initially we "buy" a picture or a successfully made picture, and only then start reading the reviews and pick up the hotel.

Resorts of Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea. general information

Most of Turkey is washed by the waters of two seas: the Mediterranean and the Aegean.

The most popular in terms of tourism are cities located on the Mediterranean coast. Why? Well, firstly, thanks to a superbly developed infrastructure that meets the requirements of all, even the most capricious, tourists. Secondly, this territory is less subject to temperature fluctuations, and cold currents in the summer here practically never threaten comfortable beach rest.

Aksu is the highlight of the season

It should be noted that this resort is considered quite young, so it is sometimes in the old manner included in the composition of Antalya.

Nevertheless, this resort zone is located in the cozy delta of the Aksu River, about 25 km south of the above Antalya and only 20 km from the international airport.

On the territory of Aksu, ancient eucalyptus and fragrant cloves grow everywhere. If vacationers get tired of relaxing on the wide beaches with golden sand, they can at any moment hide in the gentle shade of pine forests.

And for all lovers of antiquities and history, excursions are offered to the remains of the city of Perge.

Democratic prices allow you to rest here for people of absolutely different material wealth. And, probably, if in this country it was possible to hold a competition called "Best Youth Resorts in Turkey", then Aksu would necessarily be in the top five.

Alanya - exactly what you need to relax with children

It should be noted that Alanya - a real flower paradise, which is famous for the famous and largest Mediterranean resort of the country. Every year tourists come here from all over the world. Perhaps, Alanya is still the warmest resort in Turkey, and that is why it is very popular not only among adults, but also with married couples with young children.

Alanya is located 150 km from Antalya. A significant part of this territory is located on a rocky cape, which is characterized by stunning scenery and breathtaking sunsets and sunrises over the sea.

What to do in Alanya

Interesting pastime in this place is guaranteed to everyone. Why? The fact is that the sights, as they say, for every taste and purse are mass.

Right above the city rises the most popular feature of the coast - a mystical stronghold built in the XIII century. It has double walls and has 150 towers.

Directly outside its walls are located unusual houses, mosques and the Byzantine church, full of frescoes.

In Alanya, every traveler should also visit the shipyard and the ethnography museum located in the octagonal Red Tower.

Going to the citadel, you can find the sea caves and grottos. The most famous cave is Damlataş, there are many stalactites and stalagmites in it . Stay inside has a beneficial effect on asthma patients, since the air here is unusually warm and humid.

In addition to the many historical and fascinating attractions in Alanya, this beautiful resort is also famous for the best beaches in Turkey. On the shore there is always a huge choice of entertainment: football, volleyball, tennis, badminton, shaping, aerobics and dance lessons.

Looking for cheap resorts in Turkey, but at the same time want to spend time interesting and original? Welcome to Alanya. Ideal rest here is exactly provided.

Antalya - quality, time-tested

Talk about the resorts of Turkey on the Mediterranean, and not to mention Antalya is simply impossible. It is she who has the glory of the Turkish Riviera, and certainly, not in vain. After all, here the traveler will discover not only the most beautiful nature, but also many historical monuments.

The Mediterranean coast in this area is considered the most beautiful and cleanest.

By the way, according to legend, it was here that the gods and goddesses lived. Long ago Antalya occupied absolutely the whole territory of Pamphylia, therefore locals sometimes still call it "the Land of All Tribes".

Antalya today: the sea and not only

Now this town is a chic city with picturesque streets, spacious boulevards, fashionable hotels and a variety of shops.

Next to modern buildings, there are also ancient historical buildings.

Local people cherish and cherish their past very carefully. In Antalya, by the way, there is an ancient quarter surrounded by an ancient wall. Once it was called Kalesi, now it's just a part of the city, which causes a heightened interest not only among architects, but also among tourists.

Unique and unique Belek

Let's get acquainted with another really unique and unique place. Belek is considered to be a young, but incredibly successful resort of the country. And every year this popularity continues to grow.

It is located 30 km from the well-known Antalya, just between the beautiful Taurus Mountains and the sea. This resort is based on the new achievements of the tourism industry, but at the same time, the architects managed to preserve all the natural landscapes.

It should be noted that Belek is very much monitored for the ecological purity of its native city. By the way, that's why you can often see the turtles of the disappearing species Caretta right on the beach of the resort. They are taken care of, therefore the animals have become practically tame. They can not only be patted, but also without problems to take pictures.

However, that's not all. It is interesting that 574 species of plants grow in the vicinity of the city, and 29 of them are exclusively in this area. What is not a reserve?

Youth resorts in Turkey always welcome guests

Belek is the most suitable destination for family or youth recreation: there are safe beaches and very calm currents. Quiet beaches, affectionate sun allow children to bathe safely in the purest water. Here you can also do your favorite water sports, such as skiing, or learn how to ride a scooter. There are a lot of hotels in the city, there are whole villages, built especially for tourists. A map of Turkey's resorts with cities or a modern navigator built into a laptop or phone will help you not get lost. Golf clubs are very popular, attracting players of all levels to their walls. In each hotel there are tennis courts, swimming pools, health centers. Belek is full of interesting places, which means you will not be bored for sure. Not far from the city is the ancient Roman beautiful city of Perge, where you can see the amphitheater of Aspendos, and in the small, almost tiny markets of Belek, as a rule, original souvenirs are purchased.

Ancient Kemer

When it comes to rest in Turkey, Turkey's resorts can come up with a wide variety of ideas, but it's simply impossible not to remember Kemer. This relatively small town has an amazing history that begins with the Neolithic period. That is why there are so many archaeological excavations, sometimes even in the center of the city. Now it is difficult to imagine even that in ancient times all the beaches of Kemer were a port. By the way, the ruins along the shore still retain the remains of the city, in which trade flourished many years ago.

From the past to the present

Turkey's Mediterranean resorts would probably have been less well-known if it had not been for Kemer, which used to be a regular fishing village, but has now become a popular tourist destination. Stunning landscape of the city creates an unusual atmosphere for recreation, because the place is surrounded by cozy, picturesque bays, pine forests, clear waters. Note that this resort is on the edge of the Taurus mountain chain. In the south of the region there are bays where you can go surfing, water skiing and even sailing. Beaches of Kemer are marked by the blue flag of the EU, which symbolizes the purity of water and the impeccable quality of sand. On the coast of tourists waiting for a lot of restaurants, which serve traditional delicacies with unusual seasonings and spices. All fans of night discos will feel great in Kemer, since it is here that a huge number of modern music bars, nightclubs and entertainment centers were built.

Side - the former Mecca of pirates and slavers

The city of Side occupies a small territory of the peninsula on the Mediterranean coast, its width is only 300 m and its length is 800 m. However, despite its tiny size, this area is literally filled with fascinating sights. Historians note that Side was once a shopping center and a port. The architecture of the city has its own unique style: the streets are built in the form of a kind of labyrinth, and among them rise stone houses with a standard height of two floors. The resort has all the conditions for a pleasant stay. Here you can see the amphitheater of Ancient Greece with a capacity of 15 thousand people, the famous Roman temples of Apollo and Artemis, the chic City Gate and Museum. And the most pleasant and indelible impression from Side is the usual walk through the evening city, when architectural monuments and ruins illuminate bright lights. In general, talking about vacation in Turkey (resorts of Turkey, in particular), you can not fail to mention the beaches Side. Finding yourself on the coast, you can find a holiday to your taste. For example, lovers of noisy recreation are happy to stay in the center, visiting bars, restaurants, shops and discos, and lovers of silence tend to rush away, enjoying the silence and desolation of the opening landscapes.

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