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Apartments For Daily In Russia Bankrupt Hotels!

I came to my hometown Omsk with a business visit and decided to stay at the hotel, and without thinking twice I went to one of the famous hotels near the river station. "Single standard costs 4800 rubles per day" - said the girl-administrator. I stopped for a couple of days. The hotel room, frankly, did not cause much admiration and satisfaction. Room three by four meters, a bed, a small LCD TV on the wall, a curbstone, a bathroom is combined with a shower and bed and bath accessories with a hotel logo. Cleanliness is a matter of course! That's the whole service. Even breakfast was not included in the price. For comparison, I lived in St. Petersburg in a hotel for 3,700 rubles per day with similar amenities!

After a day of work, in reflection on pricing for hotel services in the city of Omsk began to study the prices of apartments for rent, renting out. And was pleasantly surprised at the prices of apartment-hotels. A good one-bedroom apartment with repairs in a new house, with parking can be rented from one and a half to two and a half thousand rubles a day. And the estimated hour, they are usually not midday, but 15 or 16 hours a day. Wow! The choice of apartments is huge, for every taste and color, even there are several variants on different floors in one house. And how convenient if an apartment is located in three minutes on foot from work in the city where you have never been, and you do not know any neighborhoods or streets. And how many different Internet services and sites on the same topic can be found on the Internet for search queries - Apartments for daily in Omsk, apartments for a day in Omsk, daily rental apartments in Omsk, apartments-hotels Omsk. Everything is very convenient, you can find the interesting option in the right place for you in minutes, having only a cell phone with access to the worldwide network!

Http:// "target =" _ blank "> Daily rent of apartments, apparently, has thoroughly pushed hotel services of hotels and hotels across the country.This type of services is claimed among the population regardless of price preferences and quality of finishing offered Variants of apartments More and more business travelers, tourists and visitors to our city were able to appreciate this type of service in the rental market .The main advantages are: privacy, convenience, home furnishings, reasonably low price in comparison with The service of daily rent of apartments can offer the guests of our Siberian city of Omsk a good choice of inexpensive apartments - daily economy class, as well as apartments of improved planning with increased comfort of living .Our convenient interface and menu of booking will help you to easily choose and Send an application for the apartment you like - daily in the shortest time, and the manager will contact you by phone and confirm the order! Take it easy to cooperate!

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