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"Anna Karenina" who wrote it? "Anna Karenina" (Leo Tolstoy): a summary

Russian literature has been highly valued since ancient times. Masterpieces of writers conquered not one country in the world and became real bestsellers. Based on the motives of many works, excellent films were shot - premieres occupy a leading position in the ranking of the best. Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy is no exception. He is a unique Russian writer, who created many amazing novels. Among them, brightly stand out such as "Anna Karenina", "War and Peace", "Resurrection" and others.

Today in schools, study the works of Leo Tolstoy. This is due to the fact that they bear a deep meaning, capable of teaching the young generation the truth of life and to experience all those emotions with which the talented man wrote. Very often a question arises concerning the work "Anna Karenina": "Who wrote the divine novel?" Over a wonderful book, Tolstoy worked for four years. In 1878, the first edition of a heart-rending novel was held.

The origin of the bestseller

On one February morning, Leo Tolstoy conceived the idea of writing a novel about the relations of the nobles, private life, but he realized his dream three years later. A little later, after finishing the book, he tried to publish it in the "Russian Herald", and the idea was a success - the first volume went to press. Gradually Tolstoy's novel became very popular, readers liked the manner in which Lev Nikolaevich described his characters and their share, sensitivity and depth of work.

Naturally, everyone was looking forward to the continuation of the novel "Anna Karenina", as it was known that the work consists of three volumes. By 1878, Leo Tolstoy had completely published his offspring. The last part was not so much liked by readers, since it was a description of the Serbian-Montenegro-Turkish war, to which was sent an officer Vronsky - Anna's lover.

Tolstoy's novel "Anna Karenina" combines the most contradictory feelings and morals of people. The writer himself several times pointed out that with the help of the work he wants to show how the present and future world is divided into two parts: good and evil, which fight against each other every day and vainly try to destroy the enemy.

The uniqueness of the novel

The work "Anna Karenina" is to the liking of many people. It's about the tragic love of a married woman and a brilliant officer. At the same time, one can not help feeling a deep feeling directly towards the family life of the nobility. The story takes place in the second half of the nineteenth century in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But the writer as clearly as possible reflects all the emotions, principles and morals of his novel.

Many adored Anna Karenina, namely because most people saw themselves in this woman, they were close to the writer's story, which penetrated into the very depths of the soul. Therefore Tolstoy wrote modern literature, a book that, in his opinion, could always be popular - for all times and peoples.

Strange as it may seem, Lev Nikolaevich foresaw that changes were coming, namely for the nobility. He knew, felt that the present society and customs were beginning to crumble, and people should prepare for this.

The idea of the novel

All people surrounding Leo Tolstoy, became an idea for the birth of a completely different novel. The society of the writer could be recognized by the environment of Anna Oblonskaya-Karenina. Observing the thoughts of his friends, their feelings and concepts, Tolstoy created his first characters, which in the future were so fond of readers.

Many who are not familiar with the work "Anna Karenina", whose author tried to create a real masterpiece for different age groups of people, have repeatedly heard about a unique novel. But for some reason, most people get the impression that this is a book about a woman who committed suicide because of her bright and passionate feelings for her lover, to be with whom her honor and conscience were not allowed.

In fact, it is not at all described in the novel "Anna Karenina." The content of the book consists of dozens of interesting chapters, descriptions of past noble life, the struggle between good and evil, the morals and morals of people who lived in the nineteenth century.

Acquaintance with the characters

A wonderful work "Anna Karenina." Who wrote it, is known to almost every citizen of the CIS countries, but it was not read by everyone. Although many have heard of an unusual novel and know the main characters of the book.

To begin with, the main character - Anna - comes to Moscow to reconcile her brother Steve, who was allegedly convicted of treason, with his wife. As soon as Karenina got off her train, she finds out that the watchman is dying on the railway tracks. This is considered a terrible omen. After some time, the main character will understand what this sign meant - she will be considered a "criminal woman", and she can not live with it peacefully. Nevertheless, the charming, kind and gentle Anna Karenina (the author first depicts her as an immaculate, honest and ideal woman) goes to her brother's house and tries to reconcile him with Dolly's wife.

Meanwhile, a young and charming Count Alex Vronsky comes to visit Steve. Do not forget to visit your beloved princess Kitty Shcherbitskaya and Konstantin Levin, who with all his heart wishes to marry a sweet girl. But, in his opinion, this is impossible, since he is a simple landowner, and his main rival is the brilliant St. Petersburg representative Vronsky. In fact, Count Alex did not even intend to make a proposal to Kitty, since all his thoughts were occupied by a guest who had just arrived from Petersburg.

The work that Leo Tolstoy wrote - "Anna Karenina" - clearly and deeply describes the feelings and emotions experienced by the main character. She is unusually in love with Count Vronsky, but offers him only friendship, as at home she is waited by a loving husband and child. The main dream of Anna, which could not come true, was to be with the two most loved people on earth - Alexei and son Sergei.

Love Karenina

As already noted, Anna Karenina came from St. Petersburg with a mood already clouded. On the train she met a nice woman who always told her about her favorite son - Alexey. At that time, Karenina did not attach any importance to this, but later it became clear to her that the adored child of the fellow traveler was her unattainable Count Vronsky.

After a meeting with her lover, she firmly decided to go back to St. Petersburg, because she knew that she was in trouble in Vronsky's lovely and deep eyes, which could absorb the whole woman's soul. But young Alexei follows right after her: he yearns for a meeting, not paying attention to extraneous scornful glances, the presence of a husband and a child with a beloved. Noticing the count, which is spinning near Karenina, society begins to suspect their connection. Anna, whose heart is torn inside, could not restrain herself and still gave herself up to love with her sweet, gentle and sensual Alexei. This was soon learned by everyone in the district, including the lawful husband of the main character.

A little later it became known that Karenina was expecting a child from Vronsky. After learning the news, Alexei asked her to leave her husband and go away with him. At the same time, Vronsky's friendly and kind mother has not been so sensitive to Anna. On the contrary, she is outraged by what is happening, and does not wish her son such a fate. Karenina, a tortured woman, and glad to leave everything and go with the count, but she loves Alexei as much as her son Seryozha. Anna falls into despair, she is tormented by the most contradictory feelings. Karenina does not know what to do ...

During childbirth, the main character became very ill and miraculously survived. Seeing her condition, the legitimate husband shows compassion and pity for his wife, after which he allows her to live in his house. Karenin forgives Anna and her deed and even agrees to keep it a secret so as not to disgrace the honest name of their family. Karenina does not withstand the generosity of her husband and flies with Vronsky to Europe. Soon, two once-loving people understand that they have absolutely nothing to do, and they have nothing in common. It was at this moment that Anna realized what a mistake she had made and how much she betrayed and dishonored her husband. In St. Petersburg, she does not expect anything good, she is now an outcast. Having gained courage, Karenina still comes back.

Problems with Vronsky are becoming more serious, and it's simply impossible to live on. If the Count got away with everything, Anna is despised in society. She does not sleep well, suffers from her son, realizing that she will never see him again.

The fate of Anna Karenina

After the kiss with Vronsky, Karenina's condition changed: she became happy, rejuvenated, inspired, but could not go on like this any longer! Attempts to keep a son and divorce her despotic and strict husband did not result in success. Poor Anna, not knowing herself from grief, became completely lifeless. She rushes between two fires: angry and hating her for betrayal by her husband and young, tender and charming Alexei, who promises to give her the whole world. But the mother will never leave her son, so Karenina believed that she could not give up carefree love and leave with Vronsky far from her husband.

But fate turned so that, on the one hand, Anna got what she wanted - love, Vronsky, happiness, and on the other, lost the most important - the son of Sergei. The oppressive atmosphere, the relations that have not been crowned with success, the hatred of society towards her person push the woman to a desperate act - suicide.

Often people do not want to read the novel "Anna Karenina" completely. Description - a few pages from a huge work, which are briefly and superficially told about the heroes and events. But in order to experience all the emotions with which Tolstoy wrote, change his outlook and become a little better, it is recommended to read the novel from cover to cover. This is not difficult to do, as it absorbs completely, and time flies by unnoticed.

Evaluation of the novel "Anna Karenina"

Many critics did not like Anna Karenina and her fate. Some considered it a symbol of dishonor and shame, others did not like the image of Vronsky. There were some who considered the novel to be scandalous, empty and nothing of the kind. Of course, the work of critics is to find inaccuracies, be dissatisfied and write reviews about works. But, fortunately, there were those who believed that the novel that Leo Tolstoy had put into practice, "Anna Karenina" - the best hope of Russian literature. Critics supported the writer and ridiculed the main character. Then they said that such feelings, which were in Anna's soul, should plunge every woman who dared to change her husband, having a child and a respected family in society.

Among the critics admiring the work of Tolstoy, was Nikolai Nekrasov. He saw in the writer a real talent, a man with an inexplicable gift that could change the lives of other people with his works. Nekrasov correctly predicted everything, because today few people ask themselves who Anna Karenina is, who wrote the novel. All because most of the population read the book or watched brilliant plays, films that influenced the worldview of people and, possibly, even changed their lives. The novels of Leo Tolstoy always produced an extraordinary effect on their fans. Such creations, which the talented thinker wrote, can not be found anywhere else.

Theatrical productions and screen versions of the novel

Creativity L. Tolstoy was seen already in 1910. In a few years people could visit the first performances of Anna Karenina. Time passed, and various directors perfected the plays, changed the actors and experimented with the productions. Original performances, dramatic musicals were created by such professionals as R. Viktyuk, O. Sikshin, M. Roshchin and others.

Many readers and viewers were pretty Anna Karenina, whose quotes were even recorded and pronounced at public evenings and meetings. As for the adaptation of the popular novel, the first film about tragic love in Germany in 1910 was made. Then, representatives of such countries as Russia, Hungary, Italy, the United States, Britain, India and others tried to portray the picture. In total, over three dozen films were filmed about Karenin. The last of them was presented by the directors of Great Britain. In the main role was Keira Knightley, who played Anna extraordinarily subtly and sensually. Also today you can find TV shows about Karenina.

It is impossible not to say that there are performances of the ballet Anna Karenina. In 2010, the premiere took place at the Mariinsky Theater. Nevertheless, the best performance is the work of Boris Eifman, who received the "Best Performance in Ballet" award in 2005.

In our time, novels LN. Tolstoy enjoys great popularity, and they are put on various musicals, plays, and films are made. But "Anna Karenina" beat all kinds of records and became a real masterpiece in Russian literature and art in general.

Interesting Facts

It is believed that Pushkin's daughter (Maria Alexandrovna Hartung) is the main heroine of the novel - Anna Karenina. LN Tolstoy was inspired by the appearance of the girl and decided to transfer her image to paper.

It is also interesting to know that in 1916 they tried to remove the continuation of the heart-rending story about the tragic love called "Anna Karenina's daughter". In addition, the principle of the novel is often used in science, which is based on the aphorism that opens the work: "All happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Everything was confused in the Oblonsky house. "

In 2013, a certain continuation of the novel entitled Anna Karenina-2 was published. The author was Alexander Zolotko, who told the readers the story of the daughter of the main character, who was called just like her own mother. Some critics have caused a lot of emotion and resentment, because it is completely unknown what happened to the girl who came into being from the connection with Count Vronsky. And Leo Tolstoy did not mention the name of the newborn. However, these are only some opinions of critics, the author himself has the right to change the details of the plot. There are those who believe that the novel "Anna Karenina-2" is worth reading.

Yet the second part of the book is simply incomparable with the first, as this is a completely different story and another heroine, albeit with the same name - Anna Karenina. Who wrote it, known to a few, since the publication of Alexander Zolatko is quite small, and he did not try to create a masterpiece that can outshine the work of Leo Tolstoy.

The role of Tolstoy's novel in the life of each of us

LN Tolstoy's novel was written in the genre of realism. He clearly conveyed the character traits and designs of people of the second half of the nineteenth century. In the character of Levin he saw himself, which he repeatedly mentioned. The hero himself was endowed with the best character traits, which made him an example for imitation. This is what the writer wanted to tell his fans: that no matter what position a person takes in society, he must always remain a man: worthy, honest, fair and kind.

"Anna Karenina" is a novel of all times, which has won thousands, millions of hearts all over the world. For the first time the writer so accurately conveyed the relationship between people who are familiar to almost every person. It's been 137 years since the publication of the work, but for a single day it has not been forgotten by readers. He wants to read and re-read, watch on the screen and on stage, admire the courage of the heroine and sincerely condole with her. Simple language, inimitable style of writing and the depth of character characters are really masterpiece. No wonder the novel belongs to the classics of world literature.

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