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Amazing properties of stone Charoite

The properties of charoite stone were discovered very recently with respect to other minerals known for thousands of years. The fact is that this material was found only in 1949 in Yakutia, and recognition as an independent geological element was received ten years later. A notable feature of the stone is that its deposits are located only in Russia, on the Chara River, in the Murun deposit. The rocks of that area are very rich in potassium, which in itself is a rarity on the globe.

The properties of stone charoite since its discovery attracted the attention and sympathy of many. Its lilac-violet bright color and silky shine allow to create unique ornaments and other objects. After his appearance on the world markets, interest in him was enormous. Everyone wanted to buy a "new Russian stone." For example, a vase from this mineral was sold for 24 thousand dollars.

The properties of the charoite stone made the mineral one of the symbols of the USSR in the 70s of the last century. So, one of the main prizes of the 9th International Film Festival was made just from it. Astrologers believe that a bright gem attracts cosmic energies, creates harmony and pacification in human souls, helps to better understand the world and gain significant spiritual development. Indeed, in the lilac color , the energy of the red and calm state of blue collide and intertwine. And this harmony Charoite stores very carefully - the mineral can be heated to 1000 degrees, it will turn into a glass-like mass, but it will not lose its color.

The properties of charoite stone allow using it for the treatment of inflammation, strengthening of immunity, cardiovascular system. It is good for diseases of the liver, kidneys, headaches. In addition, its ability to absorb energy helps with the imbalance of the nervous system. For treatment, you can use a polished mineral, a pendant or beads that are placed on a sore spot.

Who needs charoite stone? Properties, the sign of the zodiac of the mineral associated with the planet Neptune, as well as Venus, so it is suitable for Libra and will be especially good at helping the Twins. To the windy summer sign of the product of such a plan will help to gain discretion, prudence and a balanced outlook on life. The stones are usually framed in gold or silver and neatly worn on the right hand, on the ring finger. Ornaments with charoite can be washed with warm water.

How expensive is charoite stone? Properties, the price of which is high, is not yet fully disclosed, because A rare mineral has recently appeared in lithotherapists and astrologers. There are many people who wish to get an ornament with such a stone, but the demand for it exceeds offers. The government of Yakutia allows the extraction of charoite in quantities of no more than 100 tons per year. Therefore, a good stone is expensive: beads - about $ 5 per gram, desktop hours - about $ 1000. The ring can cost twenty-five or even thirty-forty dollars, which is much higher than the cost of jewelry with other Yakut gems of this class.

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