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Military Space Academy named after AF Mozhaisky. Mozhaisk Academy in St. Petersburg

Education has always been an important indicator not only for an individual, but for the country as a whole. Modern education provides many opportunities that allow you to travel to other countries to practice and receive online education. But do not forget about the culture of education, which has evolved over the centuries in Russia.

Special attention deserves educational institutions that have managed to preserve and increase their reputation for centuries. To the institutions of this level, Mozhaysk Academy can be attributed, which began its existence several centuries ago. Over the centuries, it has been the best school for the training of professional personnel and remains so to this day. The Academy produces the best specialists who build the future of the whole country.


Mozhaisk Academy is a higher military educational institution, which is located in St. Petersburg. The Academy is engaged in the professional training of officers for the Space Forces of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Since 2008, the Mozhaisk Academy has started a full-fledged training of women, and since 2009, a stormy activity began to retrain staff who are being retired. For a long period of time from 1941 to 2011, the Mozhaisk Academy has produced more than 46,000 worthy officers.

The Academy was founded on January 16, 1712. Now the institution is considered a state institution, it is managed by Penkov Maxim Mikhailovich. The educational institution employs 10 doctors of sciences and 92 professors. It is also important to note that the Academy employs more than 20 distinguished scientists in Russia.

The Mozhaisky Military Academy consists of 12 faculties, a research and development military institute, a branch in Yaroslavl and separate services and units.

AF Mozhaisky

Alexander Fedorovich Mozhaisky was a Rear Admiral and a Russian military leader, as well as a talented inventor and pioneer of aviation. Alexander Fedorovich was born in the spring of 1825 in the Vyborg Province of the Grand Duchy of Finland.

The boy was the son of a sailor, so it is not surprising that he graduated with honors from the Naval Cadet Corps. For seven years, Mozhaisky spent long voyages around the White and Baltic seas and, at last, received the rank of lieutenant. In the book "Branch of Sakura" it is mentioned about the frigate "Diana", on which Mozhaisky sailed with his team. Unfortunately, the frigate crashed, and the crew was rescued only thanks to a small schooner. The drawing of this schooner belonged to AF Mozhaisky. Interestingly, this drawing was used by Japanese engineers to build the first keelcraft.

Then Mozhaisky participated in the Khiva expedition. Soon he became the candidate of the world mediator in the Vologda province. Then he returned several times to military service, but soon abandoned her completely. He started developing his own invention - an aircraft that would be heavier than air. Having a lot of spare time and great potential, Alexander Fedorovich consulted with the best Russian minds and improved his project.

For the completed discoveries and the great contribution to science, AF Mozhaisky has become revered and known not only in Russia, but also beyond its borders.

History in the Russian Empire

Military Academy of Mozhaisky began its existence in 1712 under the name of "Engineering School" on the orders of Peter the Great. It became one of the first military educational institutions on the territory of Russia. At school there were no more than a hundred people trained, but they were educated at the highest level. He was in charge of the De Coulomb school, a Swedish major engineer. By understandable coincidence, the school "moves" to St. Petersburg - the new capital of a great empire.

Initially, the military academy of Mozhaisk experienced great difficulties due to a lack of living quarters and a material base for training, but gradually the matter was settled. Only qualified officer-educators were accepted for work. Over time, the school began to provide a full engineering education and became the authoritative center of the center of knowledge in Russia.

Students obeyed a strict regime and were graduated from the school as ordinary soldiers. Having proven their knowledge on the job site, they received the rank of officers.

An association

Empress Elizaveta Petrovna agreed to unite the Engineering School with the Artillery School. The new director, NI Mordvinov, carried out a series of successful reforms that modernized the training. It also became possible to graduate from school as an officer.

Under Catherine II, the United Engineering and Artillery School became known as the Engineer and Artillery Gentry Corps. The corps adopted a completely different training program, which clearly was more progressive than teaching in other institutions. Important courses on algebra, chemistry, geography, history, drawing, mechanics, etc. were also introduced. Much attention was paid to moral education, so corporal punishment was abolished and incentives were introduced for excellent studies.

After Paul I ascended to the throne, a new round of reforming the noble corps began, which now became known as the Second Cadet Corps. In 1864, the Second Cadet Corps was renamed the Second Military High School. GGDanilovich became the director of the gymnasium, and he developed many principles of internal organization, which surpassed almost all other educational institutions. When the Provisional Government came to power, the cadet corps became an important part of the training of young men for military service.

History in the USSR

After the October Revolution, the country needed qualified military personnel, so the Cadet Corps was somewhat simplified. After the end of the Civil War, the Red Army needed reorganization, and the Military Technical School of the Red Air Fleet was placed in the building of the Cadet Corps. In the first half of the last century it became very famous as the best in the country aviation technical school.

In 1941, the Leningrad Air Force Academy of the Red Army was established, which was located in the aviation town. During the war the academy was in Yoshkar-Ola. During this time, she released more than 2000 professional military engineers. In addition, the period is memorable by the fact that one of the departments was run by the associate of K. E. Tsiolkovsky - N. A. Rynin. He compiled an encyclopedia of interplanetary communications, consisting of 9 volumes. In addition, Nikolai Rynin was one of the founders of the group to study the jet movement. It was she who initiated the most important research in this field.

In 1945 the Academy received the Order of the Red Banner and was returned to Leningrad. Only in 10 years, in 1955, the Academy was named AF Mozhaisky - the creator of the first aircraft in Russia. In the 60-90s the Mozhaisky Space Academy changed its names many times, but worked in the same profile. In 1961, SP Korolyov, the chief designer of rocket technology in Russia, visited the educational institution at that time. It is interesting that he highly appreciated the scientific activity of the Academy, predicting a persistent students a great future. The Academy changed many names until it became the military engineering Red Banner Institute named after Mozhaysky.

Modern history of the Academy

Mozhaisk Academy has undergone a new round of development in the early 90's. In 1994, it was officially confirmed that the prototype of the Academy was the Engineering School. An order was issued by the Ministry of Defense, which was supposed to be considered January 16, 1712 as the foundation date of the Academy.

Vladimir Putin visited the academy in 2003. He interviewed the International Space Station and personally talked to her crew.

Structure of the Academy

In the educational institution, young people receive military education. The Space Academy named after Mozhaisky has an updated list of available faculties of January 26, 2016. Applicants can choose the following faculties: aircraft design, control of rocket and space complexes, radio electronic systems of space complexes, ground space infrastructure, information gathering and processing, information support, topogeodetic support, rocket and space defense, etc.

Branch in Yaroslavl

The Mozhaisky Academy in St. Petersburg has its own branch in Yaroslavl, the highest military academy for air defense. The school was established in 1951. Today, there you can get education in 6 military specialties. The educational institution employs 6 doctors of science and 79 candidates of sciences, as well as 10 professors. It should be noted that the management of the school personally takes part in military parades on Red Square, starting in 2009.

Teaching Staff

The Mozhaisky Academy in St. Petersburg boasts of its professional pedagogical staff. In each period of the Academy's existence, the best specialists of its work have always worked in it. Among the most outstanding teachers should be noted: D. Mendeleyev, N. Dobrolyubov, N. Rynin, E. Popop, A. Maslov and H. Smolitsky. All these people were outstanding figures of culture or science, who made a huge contribution to the development of the whole society, and then showed themselves as talented teachers.

Famous personality graduates of the Academy

The AF Mozhaisky Military Space Academy has produced many good specialists who have continued the traditions of Russian science, developing and supporting it. Among the most famous graduates of the Academy can be noted: M. I. Kutuzov - a graduate in 1761, commander in chief of the Russian army during the war of 1812; AA Arakcheeva - a graduate of 1783, a statesman who enjoyed the confidence of Paul I and Alexander I; AD Zasyadko - a graduate of 1797, a Russian designer, artilleryman and officer; F. F. Buksgewden - graduate of 1770, military governor of Riga and St. Petersburg, etc.


The Mozhaisky Academy of Petersburg regularly holds conferences in which many intellectually developed young people take part. In 2016, a round table was held on the topic of small space vehicles in the framework of the general forum "Army-2016". On the 160th anniversary of Professor V.Vitkovsky, a conference was held on improving the means and methods of collecting information. On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Department of Geophysical Support, an all-Russian scientific conference on the problems of the environment and military-applied geophysics was held. In the same year, in spring, a large-scale conference devoted to robotics for the military needs of the Russian Federation was held.

The Military Space Academy of Mozhaysky in St. Petersburg is known and respected as an authoritative educational institution, which produces professionals in its field. It is from here that specialists come out who will build the future of Russia, protect and protect its citizens and territory.

Scientific activity

The Mozhaisky Academy has adjunct and doctoral studies, in which anyone can study. Also, the Academy actively has 5 public councils for defending dissertations in 14 different specialties. More than 150 doctoral works were defended in the academy over the past 5 years.

The state accreditation of an educational institution relies heavily on a large number of teachers with academic degrees or titles. Competent and professional staff allow the Mozhaysky Academy to regularly undergo repeated accreditation and licensing procedures. Thanks to many years of work and persevering work of the administrative staff of the Academy, it becomes more and more popular among applicants every year.

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