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A disease that is rapidly developing in our time. Bronchial asthma

Now humanity has reached the peak of civilization. Of course, progress adversely affects the environmental situation throughout the world. The damage from the work of a number of enterprises that annually emit hundreds of thousands of tons of hazardous substances is colossal for human health. Especially this negative effect affects the respiratory tract. Because of this, a disease called "bronchial asthma" arose.

It is a narrowing of the airways in humans in connection with inflammatory processes. In other words, it is a disease that is chronic and affects the lungs. All age groups of people suffer from bronchial asthma. Attacks of the disease are expressed in periodic attacks of suffocation. It is difficult for a man to breathe for hours, or even days. The cause of seizures is the resulting spasms of small bronchi. There is a swelling of the mucous membrane, which subsequently does not produce the necessary amount of mucus.

Unfortunately, despite the development of medicine and obtaining knowledge about the etiology of the disease, bronchial asthma is rapidly spreading all over the world. In addition, the percentage of deaths due to the disease is large enough. There is a disappointing trend.

This disease is an ancient disease, the history of which is several centuries old. Over the years, scientists have studied the disease - and came to the conclusion that asthma is an allergic disease. The well-known domestic specialist in the medical field Bulatov proposed the following classification of the disease: infectious-allergic and non-infectious-allergic forms (bronchial asthma, atopic form). If we talk about the last form of the disease, then its cause are non-infectious allergens.

Nowadays, the nature of the atopic form of bronchial asthma has been well studied. The causative agents of the disease are divided into two subspecies: inhalation and enteral allergens. The first include pollen of plants, spores of fungi, chemical products, particles of skin of animals and humans. The second subspecies includes food products, medicines and serums. Because of the above factors, allergic bronchial asthma occurs.

Most often, atopic asthma is caused by particles of hair and epidermis of animals. For many people, horse sweat is the main allergen that causes illness. Domestic cats, dogs can be the causes of the atopic form of asthma. It has long been proven that many drugs are causative agents of the disease in humans.

Why do not healthy people respond to a fairly large number of pathogens? According to doctors, bronchial hyperactivity is the main reason why patients suffer from asthma attacks. That is, bronchi become highly sensitive to allergens of infectious and non-infectious types.

In our time, bronchial asthma is successfully treated with medicines. With the help of medicines, it is possible to prevent the seizures themselves. There are the following groups of drugs that help with bronchial asthma: hormonal, inhalation, bronchodilator. It is important to strictly follow the regulatory dosage prescribed by the doctor. When treating a disease, one should remember the positive effects of expectorants and thinners on sputum.

If you suffer from an atopic form of asthma, you need to inject in small doses with an allergen. This will save you from suffocation for several years. Many people use a relatively new method of treatment called speleotherapy. The method is based on frequent visits to salt mines and caves.

Do not forget about the benefits of a balanced diet, which can significantly alleviate the symptoms with which bronchial asthma is manifested. Low-fat fish meat, vegetables, fruits, legumes will help you in the fight against the disease. Patients who suffer from an infectious form of the disease associated with chronic bronchitis, it is best to resort to phytotherapy. Decoctions and infusions based on herbs are a step towards recovery.

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