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1c Automation of Trade Processes With Editorial 10.3.

Automation of trade processes with editing 10.3.

1с trading management edition 10 3 is a product that allows to automate tasks of management accounting, evaluation and planning of operations in the sphere of trade. The program provides effective management of enterprises and organizations that carry out activities in the field of trade.

The editors have a number of characteristic features in the field of retail trade management, places for goods storage, mutual settlement, pricing, etc.

In the 1c 8 2 program, trade management 10 3 has the ability to take into account retail prices for automated warehouses, retail sales with bank loans as payment, as well as valuation of goods placed in retail warehouses with the help of the "Commodity Report". Added a report for controlling retail revenue, as well as a report for assessing the movement of goods and the balance in the warehouse.

There is the possibility of mutual settlement with the details on the basis of settlement documents, as well as tracking the mutual settlement in accordance with the existing credit lines for the counterparty. The document for comparison of mutual settlements with counterparts is added. It is possible to conduct mutual settlements between clients, transfer of debt from one contract to another, and debt cancellation.

In the field of inventory management, the possibility of accounting for goods in the context of warehouses has been added. You can control the execution of internal orders, their adjustment or closing. You can also specify in the documents several internal orders. The mechanism for working with serial numbers has changed: in version 10.3 you can store them in a separate directory, and also specify in the sales, receipt or return documents.

1c trade management 10.3 allows you to specify the standard places for storage of products, quickly find the goods in warehouses, get information about alternatives for storage, as well as about the rest of the goods.

Revision 10.3 includes an assistant entering the nomenclature that creates the documents and registers prices in an automatic mode. Directory "Nomenclature" allows you to quickly view the prices, balances and location of a particular product.

The classification of goods by price groups is added, which allows you to assign discounts or mark-ups on all the goods of one group. There is a possibility to calculate prices with the help of a percentage mark-up, as well as on entering the range. You can also set the cost, depending on the interval of the base price. It is possible to set different types of prices for each buyer, and also to create extra charges depending on the specific terms of sale.

> 1s Trade Management ed 10 3 allows you to use payment cards to pay for goods.

In the field of order management, this edition allows you to specify orders in the tables of documents for the receipt or sale of goods. Reports on reserve goods and ordering allow you to monitor reserve balances of products.

The mechanism "Fast sale" allows to reduce time for registration of documents. There is the possibility of accounting for VAT amounts using special resources in sales registers.

In addition, in the program 1с the enterprise management of trade 10 3 is realized planning of purchases and sales, external processing of service for the trading equipment, conducting the account of receipt and shipment of the goods and universal search of elements of directories. Version 10.3 allows you to make orders for the delivery of goods via the Internet using the application "Order Management" and much more. The wide possibilities of this edition allow to automate the majority of processes, the clear implementation of which is necessary for successful trading.

You can buy version 10.3 in the online store 1C Market. On our website you will find a wide selection of licensed software for the effective operation of your company. Version 10.3 of the 1C program for trade management, is able to provide high-quality and fast operation of any organization of commercial direction, as well as save time and increase the number of sales.

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