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Dina Korzun - biography, filmography, personal life

Dina Korzun refers to those Russian actresses who are known not only in the CIS, but far beyond its borders. She gained world fame not only because of her undoubted talent, but also for her charity, which she devotes a lot of time and effort.

Dina Korzun (biography)

The future actress was born in Smolensk on April 13, 1971. Her full name is Diana Korzun. Since the education of her daughter involved only one mother, always busy at work and studying, Dina devoted almost all her free time to drawing. She successfully studied at an art school and dreamed of painting. The life of the future star passed in a communal apartment, in which several more children lived. The guys often arranged various concerts and performances, in which Dina Korzun played only the main roles. Despite her brilliant actor's talent, which manifested itself in her childhood, the girl did not even think about acting. At that time she was attracted to the career of a well-known artist.

Youth of Dina Korzun

At the end of the school, the girl entered the Smolensk Pedagogical Institute at the Art and Graphic Faculty. At first she was very interested in painting, but over time she began to understand that this was not her path. Tormented by doubts about her future destiny, she decided to take the cardinal step and went to the entrance examinations to the Smolensk Music College. To everyone's surprise, she successfully entered the acting department.

During her studies, Dina Korzun married a theater director from Moscow. After moving to the Russian capital, she gave birth to Timur's son. After the birth of the first son, Dean entered the acting department at the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio. Since the study took almost all free time from the beginning actress, the son had to be sent to his grandmother in Smolensk, where he spent his childhood.

The beginning of the career of the actress

Dina Korzun after graduating from high school entered the service in the Moscow Art Theater. From the very first days it was literally filled up with different roles. A young actress grabbed any of them and constantly worked. While studying at the 4th course of the Moscow Art Theater School she made her debut in the role of Lyubochka in the production of S. Mrozek "Love in the Crimea". For her, she received a prize at the festival "Moscow debuts" for the best female role. Dina's talent allowed her to play Caterina in Ostrovsky's The Thunderstorm.

Along with the theatrical works Korzun began to appear and the first roles in the cinema. Her debut took place in 1994 in the film-parable of M. Podyapolskaya "She is inside the walls". Despite several other notable works of the actress in the cinema, in those years few of the film enthusiasts knew about her. Everything changed after V. Todorovsky's film "The Land of the Deaf".

Breakthrough in Cinematography

Signed for Dina and Chulpan Khamatova film "Country of the Deaf" was withdrawn in 1998. If for Korzun the role of the deaf-mute Yai dancing a striptease was far from the first, then her young friend Rita's image brought recognition not only to the audience but also critics. Dina showed herself as an experienced dramatic actress. It was simply impossible to tear her away from her. Almost all who once looked at this picture, forever remembered her heroine with a crippled fate, constantly struggling with difficult life circumstances.

Work in the theater

After the first successful roles, Dina was followed by a series of similar works, exploiting the image of the heroine with her unhappy fate. The young actress felt that such a role prevents her from developing further. That is why in 2000, after receiving an invitation from director Paul Pavlikovsky to star in the UK in the film Last Resort, Dina Korzun left Russia. Returning home, she realized that she no longer wants and can not work in the theater, so she quit. Subsequently, in London, Korzun, who knows thoroughly the English language, has played several roles in the Royal National Theater.

Dina Korzun (filmography)

After the "Land of the Deaf" actresses were offered the role of extravagant individuals. The directors wanted to further exploit the role of the tragic heroine. The actress starred in such films and series as "The President and His Granddaughter" (2000), "His Wife's Diary" (2000), "The Citizen's Head" (2000), The Theory of the Binge (2002). ), "Road" (2002), "No matter how it is" (2003), "Women's Novel" (2005), "Cook" (2007). Very popular was the 2005 film "Forty shades of sadness." The film was shot by American director Ira Sachs. Dina played a leading role in it. The painting won the main prize at the famous Sundance International Film Festival.

Among the works of recent years, mention should be made of the films "Tunguska Meteorite" (2013), "Russian Cross" (2009), "Crossing" (2009), "Farewell Deed" (2009), "Frozen Souls "(2009)," Mediator "(2009) and series:" It all started in Harbin "(2012)," After school "(2012)," The Brothers Karamazov "(2009), "Subscriber is temporarily unavailable" (2008). To date, the work is a mini-series "Son". Despite the fact that Dina Korzun did not play the main role in all the above-mentioned films, even small episodes with this talented actress leave indifferent neither spectators nor critics.

Cinematographic awards

Dina Korzun received the Prize of Moscow film critics, "Nika" and "Golden Sheep" for the best female role in the film "Country of the Deaf." She also has prizes for film festivals in Thessaloniki (Greece) and Gijón (Spain) for the painting "The Last Haven". She also has Grand Prix and other awards at the festival in Geneva (Switzerland)


As early as 12 years, Dina, being sick, saw a group of toddlers from the orphanage. She was very impressed by their suffering and decided to always help the sick and disadvantaged. While still at school, Dina started to work in kindergarten. Helping kids and the elderly has always been a necessity for her, dictated by her kind heart. The actress worked for several months with a charitable mission in Nepal.

Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova, whose friendship started on the set of the film "Country of the Deaf", in recent years are actively engaged in charity. These beautiful energetic women, who themselves have three children, have created an international fund "Give life", which deals with sick kids. To attract more sponsors, they both are active in the blogosphere.

Family life

Dina Korzun, whose personal life has always been full of meetings and partings, is married for the third time. Her last marriage with the soloist of the popular group Esthetic Education - Louis Frank - many considered a typical misalliance. How did the secured Belgian and Dina Korzun, little known in the 90s, meet? Biography, the personal life of the future movie star in the distant 1995 was firmly connected with the Moscow Art Theater School, in which Louis Frank also studied. They met at one of the student parties and never parted. In 1999, young people played a wedding in Geneva.

Family life of the actress and musician is difficult to call cloudless. Talented people always have a need to realize their talents. That's why the couple often part because of the filming of Dina and the tour of Louis. Life in several countries and cities is not easy, but the couple really love each other, which provides them with a lasting union. Dina Korzun is the mother of three children: Timur's son (1990) and the daughters of Itala (2008) and Sofia (2010). She spends most of her time at her home in London. In free moments she draws and engages in embroidery.

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