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Why snakes in the water? What does it mean if a snake bites in water in a dream?

With a general dislike for reptiles, the question of what the snakes are dreaming of in water, a house or on the street, is even of interest to even sober people. Everybody starts to wait for future troubles, problems and misfortunes. In an effort to prevent them or at least mitigate the consequences of future ills, people are trying to unravel the meaning of sleep in order to take appropriate measures.

Snake as a symbol

Most dream books tend to the fact that the reptiles that can be seen in almost any form are bad and alarming. Such visions portend spiritual losses and disappointments, intrigues of envious persons and enemies, an abundance of gossip around you. However, do not forget that the serpent symbolizes wisdom in parallel. Take, for example, the personification of eternity in the form of Uroboros or the emblem of the healers - the snake that wrapped the cup. So, considering what snakes are dreaming about (in water or on land), consider the likelihood that this may be considered a warning from excessive gullibility, a call to rational behavior with others.

What kind of snake?

In most cases, waiting in the near future for deception or betrayal - that 's what snakes in the water are dreaming about. However, there are subtleties. For example, if a viper appeared, turned tail around the branch and floating along the stream, then it is a sign that among people close to you there is a person who harbors dislike towards you and prepares for you some kind of dirty trick. However, if the same viper is dreaming, fighting on the surface of a river with a water snake, then the dreamer will defeat all intrigues, overcome enemies and dispel gossip about himself.

In the presence of observers behind this scene, in the face of deafening croaking frogs, the interpretation of sleep is given quite different: there is a rather difficult task ahead of you, which will be crowned with success only with the expenditure of considerable efforts. But it's worth attaching: the result will please you and support for a long time.

Meaning of the pond

To more accurately understand what snakes are in the water, you should pay attention to which one. So, if you see them, crossing the river, it means that something joyous awaits ahead, but before this event you will have to be very worried.

The deceit of trust on the part of recent acquaintances is what many snakes dream of in the well's water. At least a week after such a dream should not be allowed to close to yourself and believe the words of new faces in your environment.

Floating in a small lake a snake denotes the betrayal of a next of kin or an old friend. If the pond is large or the pond is the sea, someone from the more distant circle of communication will betray you. Snake in the pool - intrigues with provocations from colleagues.

A lonely reptile in the aquarium tells the dreamer that next to him is a hypocrite who does not like him, but depicts a sympathetic friend. And why do you dream a lot of snakes in the water of a home pond? To melancholy, sadness, and even depression. Maybe there will be occasions for them, maybe you are just tired and nervous for no reason.

Women's features

As you know, sleep for a representative of the beautiful half of humanity can mean not at all what is for a man. In addition, it is often important not only sex, but also age. For example, what a snake in a woman dreams about depends on her status: a mature, held lady, who has seen such a dream, will most likely soon find her material independence from her husband. A young girl or a young wife, who came in a dream on a snake in the water, soon will be happy with her lover. However, for ladies of any age to see in the dreams of many floating reptiles - the reason to look more closely at the chosen one: maybe he deceives you and changes you.

What snakes are in the water: bite or attack

The attack by most of the dream books is regarded as a near danger. At least you will want to use to implement their plans a very influential (or very rich) person. In the alternative, the ill-wishers either lead you to the situation on the verge of crime, or seriously violate the harmony in the family. If the reptile circulates on the watery surface around, the danger is extremely close. If it keeps ducking and appears in another, unpredictable place, it's almost impossible to determine who exactly is the enemy and where he is aiming. But if you manage to drive, catch or kill a reptile in a dream, then you have a good chance to minimize losses.

Another interpretation of what the snake dreams about is the big one in the water that bites you: this dream predicts a clash with uncontrollable circumstances against which you are powerless. On the other hand, if the dream has dreamed of a patient, he heralds an imminent health amendment.

However, some dream books believe that the dreamed snake bite can speak about unexpected enrichment, for example, about obtaining an inheritance from an unfamiliar distant relative.

Favorable signs

In some cases, a dream about reptiles in the water promises good events. So, the snake, only crawling into the pond or stably swimming under the water, promises a housewarming or advancement on the career ladder. A dead creature lying on the water, lets you breathe a sigh of relief: the danger has disappeared, and nothing more threatens you.

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