What is a semi-trailer used for?

Semi-trailer-dumper belongs to the category of machines used for transportation of bulk cargo and characterized by high efficiency. It is indispensable for transporting a large amount of sand, gravel and gravel during road construction, repair work and construction. Transport has a tilting platform and the basis of a cargo semitrailer. It is subdivided into several types according to the maximum degree of inclination of the body part, load-carrying capacity, dimensions, the structure of the overturning mechanism and the time taken for the descent and lifting of the platform.

Semi-trailer-tipper: description

The hydraulic hoist is designed to operate the tilting mechanism. Unloading can be done in two directions, while the control of this process can be carried out from the cabin. The payload of a dump truck is one of its positive aspects, but because of this it must be used simultaneously with a tractor that has a powerful motor. The semi-trailer is supplemented with all-wheel drive, anti-lock system, chassis with three or four bridges and quality mechanisms necessary to prevent unintentional descent of the body. Often they are a bar fixed with hinges. The bottom of the body part should have a smooth and even surface to ensure free discharge of the transported materials. The period of operation of the semitrailer depends on the quality of the body, in particular the wear resistance and strength of the materials used for manufacturing.


Semi-trailer-dump truck on geese has acquired a wide distribution due to the ease of operation. It provides efficient transportation and unloading of materials without much time. It also achieves significant economic benefits by increasing the productivity of the work. In comparison with a dumper truck, which has a similar volume, it is able to transport more cargo, and its purchase will be much cheaper.

Semi-trailer-dumper, photo of which is presented above, has many advantages, among which is the following:

  • Considerable margin of safety;
  • Reliable nodes;
  • The design was created specifically for Russian conditions;
  • There is the possibility of processing with an antiperspirant composition;
  • The choice of model, depending on the type of work.


Semitrailer dump truck can have rear and side loading. The latter variety has become most widespread in agriculture, where unloading is required inside hangars and storage facilities. But more effective is the technique with the rear unloading due to the smaller mass, the increased volume of the body part and the simple design.

For the manufacture of semi-trailers, aluminum and steel are used, each material is selected depending on the purpose of transport. Steel heavy variants are used for the delivery of solid cargo, having a large mass, and aluminum, lightweight - for bulk, but light. In accordance with the purpose selected and other technical properties, for example, the type of suspension and the thickness of the body. Steel models have a spring suspension and walls with a thickness of 6 mm, while aluminum models have a pneumatic suspension and more thin walls.

Body shape and volume

The carrying capacity of the transport depends on the number of axles and the reinforced frame equipment. The four-axle semitrailer-tipper differs the greatest load-carrying capacity, it can carry simultaneously weight in limits of 45 tons.

The body can have a square and semi-circular shape. More versatile is the first option, it provides transportation of not only loose materials, but also bricks and tiles. Semi-circular semi-trailer-dumper is not without advantages, among them there are fast unloading due to the boards, devoid of welded seams and forms of the compartment for transportation of materials, relatively small mass, and also stability during unloading.

The volume of the body part is selected in accordance with the purpose of transport. The greatest volume is necessary for transportation of heavy rocks, while transportation of coal and loose cargo can be made by dump trucks with a volume of 35 cubic meters. M.

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