What are prefixes and what they are

Each family in which children grow up, is faced with a child's request to buy a game console. The parents themselves still remember the TV sets of their childhood: "Dandy" with Its unforgettable cartridges of orange color and the well-known "Sega". What is a prefix for video games, humanity learned in the seventies of the last century. The first prefixes were much more modern. The very first game on them was tennis - two rackets in the form of rectangles and a ball instead of a ball. Later in the eighties appeared 8-bit color games, and then in the 90's - 16-bit. Closer to two thousand years, manufacturers began to make game consoles, close to modern.

The choice of modern device

When the moment comes for choosing an electronic toy for children, parents discover that progress has gone far ahead, and during these decades, not one generation has changed. What is a prefix in the modern sense? In the production of game consoles, or as they are now called, gaming consoles, use the latest technology, and the consoles themselves today stand like a real stationary computer. Everyone knows that you can play video games not only on the console, but also on a computer or laptop. Then the question arises: what is better to choose - a computer, a laptop, a tablet or a game console?

Game Console

The computer, in comparison with the prefix, is more versatile. It can not only Play video games, but also engage in, preparing for lessons, listening to music, watching movies, socializing on social networks. On modern game consoles, too, there is a part of these functions (video viewing, listening to music). Therefore, those who have a stationary computer at home, and the prefix is bought to the child solely for games, you can recommend making your choice in the direction of the console. Especially when downloading games that are designed for the computer, it is often necessary to go through a long procedure of registration and installation.

Prefixes for TV

The filling of the computer has the property of becoming obsolete, whereas the requirements for video games to The capabilities of the computer, on the contrary, increase. Therefore, in order to play new games, you will need to periodically make an "upgrade" of the computer stuffing, and this pleasure is not cheap. On the other hand, the set-top box requires a TV, and the next-generation set-top boxes have an LSD TV. And if such a TV in the apartment is alone, you will have to give it to your child or buy him a portable video game console. And what are the set-top boxes that fit in your pocket and do not need to be connected to the TV?

The first portable set-top boxes appeared in the late 70-ies and for decades improved, kept pace with the times. Game consoles consist of a display, a controller and batteries, charging from the network. Having a small size, they fit in your pocket, it allows you to use them on the road and any public place, which is completely inconvenient in the case of a laptop or mobile phone. You can also connect several consoles via wires or via W-Fi, and then up to several dozen people can participate in the game. At the moment, the most widespread among the consumers of the game console is the PSP. The only drawback of portable consoles is a small display and less convenient control compared to TV set-top boxes.

Having dealt with the question of what prefixes are, what kinds of them are represented in the modern market, it remains only to make their choice in favor of the model of interest with the necessary characteristics.

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