Washing machine, built-in under the table top (photo)

In the conditions of small apartments there are inconveniences in connection with the placement of household appliances. That's why in the design of kitchen sets include a variety of objects that are not used for cooking. In particular, the washing machine, built in under the countertop, is increasingly appearing in the homes of our compatriots. In fact, you can put it in the bathroom.

Which model is right for you?

It is advisable to choose models with lateral loading. The market has many modifications that can become part of the kitchen set. The furniture facade closes them completely or partially. Fixation is carried out directly on the body. The washing machine, built in under the countertop, can provide considerable space savings.

Important technical issues

  1. The parameters of the models considered to be optimal: depth - 60 cm, width - 60 cm, height - 85 cm.
  2. It is desirable that adjustment is possible with the legs.
  3. It is necessary to exclude bulky pipes located behind the equipment. Otherwise, it will have to be pushed forward slightly.
  4. For convenient opening of the door, you need to allocate additional space (70 cm), but this depends on the design of the kitchen.
  5. Due to the rigid fixation in the niche, the washing machine, built in under the countertop, produces much less noise and practically does not vibrate.


  1. If you do not have all the components in stock, you can not put the machine under the countertop. Before buying, always check whether there are special attachments to the niche. You will need a door hinge.
  2. Please note that at least 100 mm of the detergent tray must be pulled out. Due to this, you will always have comfortable and easy access to technology.
  3. A good option are built-in washing machines under the countertop, installed together with a washbasin in the bathroom.
  4. Models of household appliances allowed for use in this case, cost about 30% more expensive than usual. If you want to buy them with profit, watch for promotions and sales in stores.

The device of the washing machine, available for embedding

Look at the kitchen furniture. Surely you will notice that it has a base in stock. This provides effective protection against dirt and dust. In addition, the floor in the kitchen is usually washed, but not vacuumed. This causes a number of limitations. They also include dimensions that have built-in washing machines under the countertop.

There are 2 possible heights:

  • 82 cm;
  • 67 cm.

Technique, corresponding to the last size, easily fits into the compartment under the table top. The front panel of machines with large dimensions has a complex shape. They also have a base in the lower part. Its contour repeats the outlines of furniture. For this reason, household appliances are located directly on the floor.

The presence of a socle allows solving two problems:

  1. The user can easily access the download window and the detergent tray. It may seem that it does not really matter. However, if you had to fall asleep over the edge of the package powder, then the importance of this point you are more than clear. And it's not so easy - to bend forward to place things inside the washing machine.
  2. Increases the useful volume of technology of this type. Here it is possible to establish various kinds of additions. These pumps, leakage protection, etc. The resulting space inside the drum allows you to place more things for washing.

The idea of the developers is that the front panel converges with the inner plane of the door. You can find such modifications that are simply put inside.

There are more "advanced" options. These models are present in the design of a special metal fasteners. The doors are outweighed by it. Thanks to this, it is simply impossible to notice the presence of household appliances from outside. At the same time, the volume of your kitchen furniture is used to the maximum. Special elements for hanging magnets and other important items are also often present in it. This prevents the door from accidentally opening.


General tips:

  1. Place the water drain hose at a minimum height of 60 centimeters. The corresponding tips are also present in the manual for connecting household appliances. Do not ignore them.
  2. Pay attention only to built-in washing machines under the countertop. The first model you like is not suitable for this.
  3. The installation should never be carried out on the pedestal, no matter how attractive it may look.
  4. Remove the transport bolts before starting work.
  5. Do not yourself carry out any actions if you are not sure of your abilities. It is better to contact the service center.
  6. Do not be surprised if after installation of the usual washing machine there will be a noise for all kitchen. More often unpleasant vibrating sounds begin during the spin-off. This is due to the contact of the technique with the table top.

Now let's consider the installation of the technique in more detail. The machine is placed in the space between the two boxes that are part of the headset. In addition, the furniture façade is mounted on the housing of household appliances. But for this purpose a separate cabinet can also be used. The most common option - when the washing machine, built-in under the countertop, is placed between two boxes standing in the neighborhood. On their lateral side, facades are fixed outside.

A false panel is needed in order to close the structure from the bottom. In the back wall there is no need. Due to its absence, good air circulation is ensured. In addition, in this case, built-in washing machines under the countertop are easier to connect to a water pipe, an electrical outlet and a sewage system.

Depending on the possibility of installing cross bars in the back of the cabinet, it is said about its rigidity. This technique is better placed on the floor. The design should be as level and firm as possible if the machine is on the base of the furniture. It is important to compare the height of the headset and "stilalki." In some cases, a non-standard arrangement of the level of the countertop is required.

Washing machine, built-in under the countertop: dimensions

Differences regarding the technique of this type can relate not only to functionality, but also to dimensions. There is a huge scatter here. As it was said before, in our case a model with front loading is required. She will be able to take a worthy place in a small kitchen. It can be installed under the countertop. In this regard, often in the configuration there is a removable top cover.

Built-in washing machines under the table top dimensions are standard with respect to height and width. But their depth does not exceed 33 cm at a time. For high-quality and long-term performance, such indicators are optimal. If you are going to put the technique under the sink, you have to pay attention not only to narrow, but also to low models.

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