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Vilnius: international airport

There is an international airport in Vilnius, the largest in Lithuania. He retained the elegance and original charm. There are small, but very well-designed rooms for passengers. Aviators perform 35 flights every day, which take place in 16 European destinations. In 2007, it opened a new terminal that meets the standards of the Schengen agreement.

It is located from the city of Vilnius airport at a distance of 6 km from the south side. Directly on its territory there is a railway station, which is directly connected to the central railway station of the city. But you can get there by bus, the communication operates with the central railway station of Vilnius, the Shishkin district and the city center. It is represented by buses 1, 1A and 2. The first number you reach the railway station, where there is also a bus station. And number 2 will take him to the center. The journey costs 1,80 lt - it's about three euros. The travel by shuttle bus, which runs to the city center, will cost 4 lt (about 5 euros). After leaving the airport, Vilnius you will see in about seven minutes.

Those travelers who do not like public transport can take a taxi to the city. Parking is near the airport - it's a taxi Martonas, which will cost 50 lt. But you can call the usual on the phone, it will cost twice as cheap. The price of a trip to Vilnius airport from the city by taxi of a conventional taxi company is about 20 lt by the meter.

The international airport has its own rules for check-in. For international flights, check-in starts 2 hours before departure, the time of which is indicated in the ticket, and ends 40 minutes before it. If the flights are internal, the registration starts in 1.5-2 hours, and ends also in 40 minutes.

In Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, the airport provides passengers with a lot of different services. Here you will find a parking lot, shops, medical center, restaurants, bars, cafes, Duty Free, tourist offices, banking institutions, business center, Internet access (via Wi-Fi), luggage carts, VIP lounge, baggage packing services. If necessary, you can use the services of the Skrydis Hotel.

Many tourists, as well as those who come to Lithuania on business, are interested in the issue of baggage transportation. In the city of Vilnius, the airport, like any other, has its own rules. All luggage, as well as hand luggage, must be registered by the personnel of the handling company or airline. Registered baggage is marked with a special tag and accepted by the airline, which is responsible for its safety, for transportation. The passenger receives a tear-off card, through which his luggage will be identified at the airport of arrival. The weight of baggage must not exceed the norms of free transportation, which the carrier establishes. If you exceed the luggage, you must first book. Documents, money and jewels the passenger carries with him, they can not be handed over to luggage. Also in the cabin can be transported fragile and fragile items: computers, radios, crystal products, etc.

If the things that the traveler is going to transport may harm the aircraft, the passengers who are on board or their property, the carrier has the right to refuse the transportation of such baggage.

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